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CAD*I Drafting Model

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The content of this book is an information model for technical drawings, the so-called "Drafting Model". The Drafting Mo... Lire la suite
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The content of this book is an information model for technical drawings, the so-called "Drafting Model". The Drafting Model is a part of a complex information model describing product definition data, their applications and their representations. The definition of the information model is a central component of the development of STEP, a future international standard for the exchange of product defmition data. Here the Drafting Model particularly encloses descriptions for the representations of organizational drawing data, tolerances, dimensions and surface attributes such as surface fmish symbols (a survey of the whole content is shown in the figure above). Additional to that requirements for the Presentation Model concerning the representation of geometry as well as the integration process for both the Drafting and the Presentation Models are formulated. The extent of the Drafting Model is restricted to the application area "Mechanical Engineering". Within the Drafting Model the annotation representations are described on the one hand informally and on the other hand formally using a high level language for information modeling, EXPRESS. Principally the representations of the annotation are described according to the international drawing standards. Thus the semantics pertinent to the specific graphical appearance are maintained. The data structures provide formal descriptions of annotations at a high generation level, which means that a "way" is defmed how to generate these annotations.


1. Introduction.- 1.1. Interfaces for the Exchange of Product Definition Data.- 1.2. Approach to Classify Information Models.- 1.3. The Information Model for Technical Drawings.- 2. The Drafting Model.- 2.1. Requirements for the Development of the Drafting Model.- 2.2. Systematical Approach to the Drafting Model.- 2.3. The Basic Principles of the Drafting Model.- 2.4. Tools for the Description of the Drafting Model.- 3. Drafting Resources.- 3.1. Introduction.- 3.2. Drafting Resources FUNCTION Definitions.- 3.3. Drafting Resources ENTITY Definitions.- 4. Drawing Organization.- 4.1. Introduction.- 4.2. Drawing Organization TYPE Definitions.- 4.3. Changed ENTITY Definitions of IPIM_PRESENTATION_SCHEMA.- 4.4. Drawing Organization ENTITY Definitions.- 5. Dimensioning.- 5.1. Introduction.- 5.2. Dimensioning TYPE Definitions.- 5.3. Dimensioning ENTITY Definitions.- 6. Tolerance Representation.- 6.1. Introduction.- 6.2. Tolerance Representation TYPE Definitions.- 6.3. Tolerance Representation ENTITY Definitions.- 7. Shape Attributes Representation.- 7.1. Introduction.- 7.2. Shape Attributes Representation TYPE Definitions.- 7.3. Shape Attributes Representation ENTITY Definitions.- 8. Additional Remarks.- 8.1. Associativity Between Annotation Graphs and the Geometry Descriptions.- 8.2. Example.- References.

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Titre: CAD*I Drafting Model
Code EAN: 9783540520511
ISBN: 3540520511
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Logiciels utilisateurs
nombre de pages: 248
Poids: 429g
Taille: H242mm x B170mm x T13mm
Année: 1990
Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1990.


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