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The Italian Wars 1494-1559

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The late Michael Mallett was Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Warwick and a distinguished historian of fifteent... Lire la suite
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The late Michael Mallett was Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Warwick and a distinguished historian of fifteenth- and sixteenth century Italy. His books included Mercenaries and their Masters: Warfare in Renaissance Italy (1974), and (with J.R.Hale) The Military Organization of a Renaissance State: Venice c.1400 to 1617 (1984). Christine Shaw has published extensively on the political and military society of Renaissance Italy. Her books include Julius II: The Warrior Pope (1993), The Politics of Exile in Renaissance Italy (2000), and (as editor) Italyand the European Powers: The Impact of War 1500-1530 (2006).

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Part of the prestigious "Modern Wars in Perspective" series, this book from two leading scholars of Renaissance Italy is both an important contribution to military history and an acute political analysis of Early Modern Europe.


CONTENTS List of illustrations Acknowledgments Preface by John Laws Introduction 1. The Genesis of the Wars and the First French Expedition Charles VIII and his inheritance French interests in Italy King Ferrante of Naples and the other Italian powers Preparations for the Italian enterprise The final months The reactions of the Italian powers The march to Naples The French in Naples The French retreat and the Battle of Fornovo The French loss of Naples 2. Milan and Naples Overwhelmed, 1496-1503 The Pisan War, 1495-9 Preparations for the French invasion of Milan The French conquest of Milan, 1499-1500 France as an Italian power The conquest of Naples The Spanish expulsion of the French from Naples 3. The Conflict Widens Florence and Pisa Ferdinand in Naples Louis in Italy, 1507 The genesis of the League of Cambrai The War of the League of Cambrai The Battle of Agnadello and its consequences The Venetian rally The campaign against Venice in 1510 Julius II and the French The campaign in the Veneto in 1511 The Holy League The Battle of Ravenna The expulsion of the French from Italy 4. New Orders Struggling to be Born, 1512-1519 The restoration of the Medici to Florence The settlement in Milan The Venetians stand apart The French invasion of Milan, 1513 War in the Veneto Diplomatic conflict over Lombardy The advent of Francis I and the conquest of Milan, 1515 The invasion of Milan by Maximilian and the Swiss, 1516 Final stages of the war against Venice, 1515-16 The quest for a Medici principate The Imperial election 5. The Contest for Supremacy in Italy, 1520-1529 The expulsion of the French, 1521-2 The claims of the Empire The French return to Milan, 1523-4 Francis I's second expedition to Italy, 1524-5 The Battle of Pavia The aftermath of the Battle of Pavia The Imperial takeover of the Duchy of Milan The League of Cognac The Sack of Rome The war in Lombardy, 1527-8 The invasion of Naples, 1528 The last campaign in Lombardy, 1528-9 The Treaties of Barcelona and Cambrai 6. The Transformation of War Weapons and the balance of arms The impact of gunpowder weapons Fortifications and siegecraft Permanence and professionalism Training and skills Tactics and strategy Leadership The war at sea The experience of war 7. The Resources of War Recruitment and mobilization The ordinances: muster and control Billeting Supply Pay Naval resources The costs of war 8. Testing the Boundaries, 1529-47 Charles V and Clement VII in Bologna, 1529-30 The siege of Florence, 1529-30 The second Congress of Bologna, 1532-3 Francis I's designs on Italy The devolution of Milan The French invasion of Savoy and Piedmont, 1536 Charles V's journey through Italy, 1535-6 Charles V and Francis I again at war in Italy, 1536-7 Truce and peace The renewal of the war in Piedmont, 1542-4 The Peace of Crepy, 1544 The promotion of Spanish interests in Italy 9. Th1547-1559 The War of Parma and Mirandola, 1551-2 The war in north-west Italy, 1551-2 Charles V at bay The War of Siena, 1552-5 The transfer of power in Italy from Charles to Philip War from the sea Corsica The war in north-west Italy, 1552-6 The alliance between France and the papacy Alba's invasion of the Papal States, 1556 The expedition of the duc de Guise, 1557 The final phase of the wars The Peace of Cateau-Cambresis 10. The Legacies of the Wars Economic consequences A new state system An oppressed nation? The transformation of military society Italy in the Spanish Empire Bibliography Index

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