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Handbook of Child Psychology and Developmental Science

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The essential reference for human development theory, updated and reconceptualized The Handbook of Child Psychology and Developmen... Lire la suite
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The essential reference for human development theory, updated and reconceptualized The Handbook of Child Psychology and Developmental Science, a four-volume reference, is the field-defining work to which all others are compared. First published in 1946, and now in its Seventh Edition, the Handbook has long been considered the definitive guide to the field of developmental science. Volume 3: Social, Emotional, and Personality Development presentsup-to-date knowledge and theoretical understanding of the several facets of social, emotional and personality processes. The volume emphasizes that any specific processes, function, or behavior discussed in the volume co-occurs alongside and is inextricably affected by the dozens of other processes, functions, or behaviors that are the focus of other researchers' work. As a result, the volume underscores the importance of a focus on the whole developing child and his or her sociocultural and historical environment. Understand the multiple processes that are interrelated in personality development Discover the individual, cultural, social, and economic processes that contribute to the social, emotional, and personality development of individuals Learn about the several individual and contextual contributions to the development of such facets of the individual as morality, spirituality, or aggressive/violent behavior Study the processes that contribute to the development of gender, sexuality, motivation, and social engagement The scholarship within this volume and, as well, across the four volumes of this edition, illustrate that developmental science is in the midst of a very exciting period. There is a paradigm shift that involves increasingly greater understanding of how to describe, explain, and optimize the course of human life for diverse individuals living within diverse contexts. This Handbook is the definitive reference for educators, policy-makers, researchers, students, and practitioners in human development, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and neuroscience.

Richard M. Lerner, Ph.D. is Bergstrom Chair in Applied Developmental Science at the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Development at Tufts University.


Contents 1. Processes Underlying Social, Emotional, and Personality Development Michael E. Lamb 2. Measuring Socio-Emotional Development Celia A. Brownell, Elizabeth A. Lemerise, Kevin A. Pelphrey, and Glenn I. Roisman 3. Evolution and Prenatal Development David A. Coall, Anna Callan, Thomas E. Dickins, and James S. Chisholm 4. Psychoneuroendocrinology of Stress Megan R. Gunnar, Jenalee R. Doom, and Elisa A. Esposito 5. Temperament and Personality Xinyin Chen and Louis A. Schmidt 6. Relationships, Regulation, and Early Development Ross A. Thompson 7. Resilience and Adversity Suniya S. Luthar, Elizabeth J. Crossman, and Phillip J. Small 8. Socio-Emotional Consequences of Illness and Disability Keith Crnic and Cameron Neece 9. Developmental Implications of Discrimination Amy K. Marks, Kida Ejesi, Mary Beth McCullough, and Cynthia García Coll 10. Race, Class, and Ethnicity in Young Adulthood Vonnie C. McLoyd, Kelly M. Purtell, and Cecily R. Hardaway 11. Socio-Emotional Development in Changing Families Susan Golombok and Fiona Tasker 12. Children and the Law Michael E. Lamb, Lindsay C. Malloy, Irit Hershkowitz, and David La Rooy 13. Child Maltreatment Dante Cicchetti and Sheree L. Toth 14. A Social Perspective on Theory of Mind Claire Hughes and Rory T. Devine 15. Prosocial Development Nancy Eisenberg, Tracy L. Spinrad, & Ariel Knafo 16. Development of Achievement Motivation and Engagement Allan Wigfield, Jacquelynne S. Eccles, Jennifer Fredricks, Sandra Simpkins, Robert Roeser, and Ulrich Schiefele 17. Morality and Development Melanie Killen and Judith G. Smetana 18. Development of the Self Margaret Beale Spencer, Dena Phillips Swanson, and Vinay Harpalani 19. Aggressive and Violent Behavior Manuel Eisner and Tina Malti 20. Gendered Development Melissa Hines 21. The Development of Sexuality Lisa M. Diamond, Susan B. Bonner, and Janna A. Dickenson 22. Friendships, Romantic Relationships, and Peer Relationships Wyndol Furman and Amanda J. Rose 23. Religious and Spiritual Development Pamela Ebstyne King and Chris J. Boyatzis

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