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iPad Multiplayer Magic

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Michael Duggan is an Oklahoma-born author and illustrator with a background in game and web design. His education includes a bache... Lire la suite
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Michael Duggan is an Oklahoma-born author and illustrator with a background in game and web design. His education includes a bachelor of science degree in Game Art and Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Michael currently lives in the Ozark Mountains with his wife and step-kids and is an applications developer and digital media instructor at North Arkansas College.

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Discover everything today's readers need to know to develop their own exceptional multiplayer games for the revolutionary iPad with iPad Multiplayer Magic. From single-screen 2D games to split-screen 3D to wirelessly networked multi-device multiplayer games, this unique book clearly demonstrates how to build on the potential of the iPad. iPad Multiplayer Magic focuses on multiplayer game programming utilizing the iOS SDK, Unity, Xcode, 3DS Max, Photoshop, MySQL, PHP, Twitter, and Facebook. Unlike other books, it highlights the social, networking, and multiplayer aspects of the iPad with a full-color, inviting presentation. The book details the unique way the iPad enables a group of people to interact simultaneously, making it an ideal device for multiplayer games. An informative, high-energy approach makes it the perfect guide for new game developers as well as existing game developers who are new to mobile, iPad, or multiplayer games.

iPad Multiplayer Magic is a full-color, beginner's guide to developing multiplayer games for iOS devicesspecifically the iPad. You don't need previous iOS or Macintosh application development experience to get started all you need is a Mac, an iPad, and this book. IPAD MULTIPLAYER MAGIC distills hundreds of Apple documentations down to the nitty gritty, glossing over concepts you don't need to know to get started. This book also acts as a guide to using Unity iOS, a complex and versatile game authoring tool that makes developing multiplayer games for iOS devices faster and less of a hassle. Along the way, you will be introduced to several other game editors that can be used to make games for the iPad. Code examples are included throughout the book, and all of the sample code can be downloaded from the companion website. By the time you have finished reading IPAD MULTIPLAYER MAGIC, you will have traveled the path from being a novice or someone who doesn't know anything about mobile game development to being someone who can crank out a respectable, playable game for the iPad all on your own.

Introduction. 1. Brief History of Gaming and What You Need to Know. 2. Game Design Principles. 3. Your Grimoire to the iPad. 4. Unity Quick-Start Spellbook. 5. Crafting a Unity Game. 6. Crafting a Multiplayer Online Game with Unity. 7. Mixing the Brew Together. 8. What's Next. Appendix: Online Resources. Glossary. Index.

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Titre: iPad Multiplayer Magic
Code EAN: 9781435459649
ISBN: 978-1-4354-5964-9
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Lingenbrink Georg
Genre: Généralités et lexiques
nombre de pages: 288
Poids: 800g
Taille: H230mm x B188mm x T18mm
Année: 2011


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