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Prison Chaplaincy in Nigeria and in Germany

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Penal institutions and the detention ministry, due to their uniqueness, communicate a few positive messages to society. However, t... Lire la suite
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Penal institutions and the detention ministry, due to their uniqueness, communicate a few positive messages to society. However, this study takes us further beyond the sterile complaints about penological systems, and dramatically reveals the mesmerizing and often monstrous flaws in our criminal justice systems. Emerging detention staff squabbles, in penal institutions, can culminate to factual aberrations of felons' improper reformation and rehabilitation; and to incidences of enormous problems in the determination of the recidivistic rates of ex-convicts and parolees. A correction system has done quite well if it is able to turn major offenders into minor ones, and frequent offenders into infrequent ones. Comparison basically curtails any presumptive or "theoretically" qualified conceptualization. Therefore, the comparative nature of this study, which acts as an epistemological "operative" Leitdifferenz , remains a cultural preview for the existence of some scientific evidences for further discussions and researches in penological studies.

The Author: Michael Ndubueze Diochi is a native of Agbaja in Ehime-Mbano of Imo State, Nigeria. Since his priestly ordination in 1980 he has served as a parish vicar in various parishes in Umuahia & Okigwe. He taught English language, Econs & Religion at Ugiri & Nneato Secondary Schools. As a missionary at Sierra Leone he served as a chaplain at Fourah-Bay University, military & police chaplain, & parish vicar and Manager of schools. He served as a parish chaplain at Köln (Germany). From the Universites of Urban (Rome), Nsukka (Nigeria), Leuven (Belgium), St. Anselmo (Rome), & Wuppertal (Germany), he obtained academic degrees, such as: BD (Theo.), PGDE & M.Ed. (Edu.), M.A. & M.A. Adv. (Social Anthrop.), M.A. (Theo.), & Ph.D. (Sociology).


Contents: Background to the Study - Penological Reform and the Problems of Nigerian Prisons / Prisoners in Relation to Prison Ministry - Religious / Christian Reflection on Crime in Reference to Prison Chaplaincy - The Major Causes of Crimes of Nigerian Prisoners, and their Reference to the Prison Chaplain - Functions of Spiritual-Care as Part of the Treatment of Prisoners - The Social Role of the Prison Chaplain - Prison Chaplaincy in Germany - Comparative and Relational Prison Factors: Germany and Nigeria - Conclusion.

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Titre: Prison Chaplaincy in Nigeria and in Germany
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ISBN: 978-3-631-38355-1
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Genre: Sciences sociales en général
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Année: 2001
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