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Horns and Halos

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This book explores the roots of human hatred which emerges from the soil of intimacy. Michael DeMaria, in the process of revealing... Lire la suite
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This book explores the roots of human hatred which emerges from the soil of intimacy. Michael DeMaria, in the process of revealing traditional psychology's failure to articulate a meaningful under-standing of human emotion and, in particular, hate, moves towards an existential phenomenological description of hating in intimacy. He fleshes out this description with a case study that shows the paralyzing effects of self-hate. Finally, by pulling together findings in philosophy, anthropology and feminism, DeMaria opens the door to a new vision of human becoming and a psychology of good and evil.


The Author: Michael DeMaria is presently a faculty associate at the University of West Florida, where he specializes in teaching Advanced Personality Theory. Holding degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, he received his M.A. and Ph.D. at Duquesne University in Clinical Psychology. Having long been interested in the psychology of contemporary culture, spontaneity, improvisation and creativity, Dr. DeMaria most recently presented a paper on the «Mythos of Fire» in Amsterdam which is the basis for a second book he is presently working on.

quot;This book is a well written, lucid introduction into the world of emotions, especially the world of hate and the world of love. Its descriptive, experiential approach is illustrated by an empirical research example and a vivid clinical case study which illuminate the workings of hating and loving, and their interrelationship in everyday life. The author succeeds in presenting the many paradigms of emotion and the psychology of hating in a clear and informative way. He takes us through the complex field of discourse on emotions as a knowledgeable guide, pointing out the highlights and contours of the domain and leading the reader toward meaningful and useful discoveries and insights. I strongly recommend this primer into the world of hate and love as a journey of discovery and self insight." (Rolf von Eckarstberg, Duquesne University) "DeMaria is a pioneer in that feared landscape of our emotional repertoire known as hate. His phenomenological research has established outposts in this under-explored realm through experientially rich portraits that are accessible to the general reader while also yielding deep implications for psychologists." (Chris Aanstoos, West Georgia College) "The richness of øDeMaria's! descriptions offer the reader the clear sense that even this most shunned of psychological phenomena deserves to be recognized and understood on its own terms rather than simply to be compared with what it is not." (The Humanistic Psychologist)

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Titre: Horns and Halos
Code EAN: 9780820417370
ISBN: 978-0-8204-1737-0
Format: Livre Relié
Genre: Psychologie
nombre de pages: 180
Année: 1992
Auflage: Neuausg.


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