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Paper Counties

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Too often we tend to take for granted the political geography around us. County boundaries, for instance, have remained static for... Lire la suite
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Too often we tend to take for granted the political geography around us. County boundaries, for instance, have remained static for so long that most Americans assume these internal state subdivisions came about effortlessly, even automatically. This monograph, written with a lay as well as an academic audience in mind, focuses on paper counties in Illinois and demonstrates how chaotic the process of state subdivision really was, both in the Land of Lincoln and elsewhere. Paper counties are civil divisions that, despite approval by state legislators, failed to achieve countyhood. Illinois, with seventeen paper counties, had far more than any of its sister states - a distinction about which Illinoisans should not be overly proud.

quot;'Paper Counties' is a pioneering work, since no comparable study has ever been done for any state. That Sublett investigated paper counties in Illinois is appropriate, in a pioneering study, because no other state had as many nascent counties that failed to complete the organization process after receiving the state's blessing. Sublett's bibliography is comprehensive. He left no stone unturned in pursuing his subject. 'Paper Counties' is an impressive piece of research and a significant contribution to American historical geography." (James W. Vining, Western Illinois University) "This book ... belies what it holds. It is rather small in size ... But don't be deceived; this work is packed with data, detailed, documented, and dug from sources too numerous to count. ... If you enjoy the Illinois story, with political, geographical and historical details, written concisely, and carrying surprises, you will like this 'little' book. ... A 'must' for collectors of Illinois minutia, with some other places thrown in." (Ann Doolen, Bulletin of the Illinois Geographical Society) "Rich in detail, (this book) provides a great deal of insight into the territorial organization and political processes in Illinois during much of the nineteenth century. ...the thoroughness of Sublett's research and the details he has uncovered are most impressive." (Ronald E. Nelson, Western Illinois Regional Studies) "Michael D. Sublett's 'Paper Counties...' is a fine example of a scholar choosing a limited subject, researching it thoroughly, and producing a fascinating series of vignettes. ... Those who (like this reviewer) supposed that county making in Illinois ended in 1859 with the creation of Douglas and Ford counties will be surprised to discover that the effort continued until 1867. Sublett presents an engaging account of seventeen other counties, all of which were authorized by action of the general assembly. ... This intriguing account of counties that almost were illustrates and illumines many of the forces at work during the pioneer and postpioneer periods of Illinois history." (Robert M. Sutton, Illinois Historical Journal)


Contents: The focus narrows from the more than 3,000 counties that subdivide the Lower Forty-Eight to Illinois's 119 authorized counties and then to the 17 Illinois paper counties themselves.

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Titre: Paper Counties
Code EAN: 9780820412498
ISBN: 978-0-8204-1249-8
Format: Livre Relié
Genre: Sciences de la terre
nombre de pages: 254
Année: 1990
Auflage: Neuausg.


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