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Life and Progress in Australasia

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Impressions of the Australasian colonies, published in 1898 by Irish politician Michael Davitt, after a seven-month tour of the re... Lire la suite
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Impressions of the Australasian colonies, published in 1898 by Irish politician Michael Davitt, after a seven-month tour of the region.

A prominent figure in nineteenth-century Irish politics, Michael Davitt (1846-1906) published this book in 1898 after spending seven months travelling through the Australasian colonies. It offers a wealth of information on many aspects of nineteenth-century Australasia, with detailed observations of political and social norms across the different regions.


Preface; Part I. Western Australia: 1. Throwing the wrong man into the Suez Canal, and a moral; 2. En route for Coolgardie; 3. Opposing views on the Coolgardie goldfield; 4. Visit to the 'Londonderry' and 'Bayley's Reward'; 5. Coolgardie politics; 6. Impressions of Perth; 7. The Western Australian legislature; 8. The aborigines; Part II. South Australia: 9. From Albany to Adelaide; 10. Impressions of Adelaide; 11. The constitution of South Australia; 12. Land taxation; 13. Impressions of the country on a journey from Adelaide to Broken Hill; 14. Broken Hill and its silver mines; 15. Other industries; Part III. The Murray River Labour Settlements: 16. Origin of the labour settlements; 17. Lyrup; 18. Pyap; 19. New residence camp; 20. Review of 'the big experiment'; Part IV. Victoria: 21. From Adelaide to Melbourne; 22. Australians at home; 23. Culture and education; 24. Colonial federation; 25. Some anecdotes; 26. The Victorian constitution; 27. The leading Protectionist colony; 28. Victorian land legislation; 29. A trip through the centre of Victoria; 30. The Bendigo Benevolent Asylum; 31. Echuca; Part V. New South Wales: 32. From Melbourne to Sydney; 33. Some talks with shearers; 34. Approaches to Sydney; 35. Sydney's racial mixtures; 36. Sydney's sensitiveness about its founders; 37. Ireland and the infant colony; 38. The evolution of self-government in Australia; 39. The Sydney legislature; 40. New South Wales legislation; 41. The rise of the New South Wales Labour party; 42. Over the Blue Mountains; 43. A squatter's home and opinions; 44. From Sydney to the border of Queensland; Part VI. Queensland: 45. Voyage from Sydney to Brisbane; 46. The Queensland legislature; 47. Country and goldfields; 48. Voyage to Rockhampton; 49. Mount Morgan; 50. Kanaka labour; 51. Australian scenery like Australian hospitality; 52. Charters Towers, its goldmines and prospects; 53. Queensland land laws; 54. Queensland's resources and industries; 55. South Queensland; Part VII. Tasmania: 56. From Melbourne to Tasmania; 57. The John Mitchel legend; 58. The country between the cities; 59. Population; 60. 'Van Diemen's Land'; Part VIII. New Zealand: 61. A voyage with Mark Twain; 62. From Tasmania to New Zealand; 63. Dunedin; 64. A drive to Westland; 65. The people of Westland; 66. New Zealand's capital; 67. New Zealand school system; 68. The labour laws of New Zealand; 69. The story of the colonization of New Zealand; 70. New Zealand land laws; 71. Among the Maoris; 72. Summary of impressions of New Zealand; 73. Australasia and new homes; Part IX. Australasian Prisons: 74. Compared with British prisons - New Zealand; 75. Tasmania; 76. Queensland; 77-78. New South Wales; 79-80. Victoria; 81. South Australia; 82. Western Australia; 83. The romantic escape of John Boyle O'Reilly; 84. The rescue of the Fenian military prisoners from Fremantle.

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Titre: Life and Progress in Australasia
Code EAN: 9781108039406
ISBN: 978-1-108-03940-6
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Cambridge Univ Pr
Genre: Sciences politiques
nombre de pages: 504
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Année: 2011


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