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Practical Business Math

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 487 Nombre de pages
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Texte du rabatAn Applications Approach, EIGHTH EDITION covers arithmetic-based business math text with practical information and e... Lire la suite
CHF 157.10
Habituellement expédié sous 2 à 3 semaines.


Texte du rabat

An Applications Approach, EIGHTH EDITION covers arithmetic-based business math text with practical information and examples. This new edition includes expanded coverage of insurance and unemployment taxes as well as information on the Euro as a measure of exchange and of economic activity.

Features of this user-friendly text include:

  • Explanation - Example - Exercise format presents the material, applies the concept, and then provides practice
  • Hints and Cautions for new learners
  • Varying levels of assignments for the practice and application of the concepts presented in the text
  • Five appendices: Calculator Selection and Operation, Math Shortcuts, Math of Computers, Employment Math Test, and Reading Market Quotations
  • A Companion Website with additional practice problems

In addition, the text contains a case study centered on a fictional business, Sport-A-Merica, which integrates math concepts into a real-world scenario. Each chapter starts with a Sport-A-Merica vignette and contains business problems that are solved as part of the worked examples in each chapter.

Using a reality-based, practical approach, this book guides future business managers through easy-to-follow explanations, worked examples, and exercises - making sure that one concept is mastered before progressing to the next. An effective combination of topics and tools helps make learning and teaching more efficient.

(NOTE: Brief Edition includes Chs. 1-17.)

 1. Working with Whole Numbers.

 2. Working with Fractions.

 3. Working with Decimal Numbers.

 4. Banking Records.

 5. Payroll.

 6. Business Measurements.

 7. Percent.

 8. Insurance.

 9. Simple Interest.

10. Promissory Notes.

11. Installment Loans.

12. Consumer Credit.

13. Compound Interest and Present Value.

14. Discounts.

15. Markup.

16. Inventory and Turnover.

17. Depreciation.

18. Taxes.

19. Investments.

20. Financial Statement Analysis.

21. Statistics.

22. Charts and Graphs.

23. Review.

Informations sur le produit

Titre: Practical Business Math
Code EAN: 9780130256676
ISBN: 978-0-13-025667-6
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Pearson Academic
Genre: Généralités et lexiques
nombre de pages: 487
Année: 2001
Auflage: 8. A.


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