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Poetic Form

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"This work provides lucid, elegant, and original analyses of poetic form and its workings in a wide range of poems"-- Michael D. H... Lire la suite
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"This work provides lucid, elegant, and original analyses of poetic form and its workings in a wide range of poems"--


Michael D. Hurley combines a wide and interdisciplinary record of publishing in poetry and poetics with considerable experience as a teacher of close reading and practical criticism at Cambridge. His work is marked by an ambition to explore the relationship between what literature makes us feel and how it makes us think. His recent book on G. K. Chesterton was praised by one critic for being 'striking in the precision of its formal analysis and the elegance of its prose'. Michael O'Neill is a well-known critic of poetry whose writings include monographs on Shelley (1989), Romanticism and the self-conscious poem (1997) and the twentieth- and twenty-first century literary legacies of Romantic poetry (2007). He edited the Cambridge History of English Poetry (2010) and a much-praised anthology of Romantic poetry with detailed comments on poetic form (2008). He has published two collections of poems and received a Cholmondeley Award for Poets in 1990. His work has been celebrated by many critics for its sensitivity to poetry and its ability to find an answerable language for poetic effects.

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This book takes the reader on a journey of discovery into the nature and history of poetry as it looks at poetic form in an array of poems from Old English to the present, including dramatic poetry such as Marlowe, Shakespeare and Yeats.


Introduction; 1. The elements of poetic form; 2. Lyric; 3. The sonnet; 4. Elegy; 5. Epic; 6. Soliloquy; 7. Dramatic monologue; 8. Ballad and narrative.

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Titre: Poetic Form
Sous-titre: An Introduction
Code EAN: 9780521774994
ISBN: 978-0-521-77499-4
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Cambridge University Press
Genre: Linguistique et sciences de la littérature
nombre de pages: 253
Poids: 362g
Taille: H230mm x B166mm x T16mm
Année: 2012


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