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Contemporary Behavior Therapy, International Edition

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Texte du rabat A book from Cengage Learning on "Contemporary Behavior Therapy, International Edition".This respected up-to-date su... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

A book from Cengage Learning on "Contemporary Behavior Therapy, International Edition".

This respected up-to-date survey of contemporary behavior therapy synthesizes the clinical, research, theoretical, and ethical facets of behavior therapy. It is simultaneously an introduction for beginning students and a scholarly review and resource for advanced students. The book is comprehensive, covering all the major behavioral and cognitive therapies. The wealth of case studies illustrate the application of behavior therapy techniques to a wide array of problems and clinical populations. The text's multidisciplinary approach includes applications to diverse fields, including psychology, education, social work, nursing, and rehabilitation.

1. Behavior Therapy: Introduction. 2. Antecedents of Contemporary Behavior Therapy. 3. The Behavioral Model. 4. The Process of Behavior Therapy. 5. Behavioral Assessment. 6. Acceleration Behavior Therapy: Stimulus Control and Reinforcement. 7. Deceleration Behavior Therapy: Differential Reinforcement, Punishment, and Aversion Therapy. 8. Combining Reinforcement and Punishment: Token Economy, Contingency Contract, and Behavioral Parent Training. 9. Exposure Therapy: Brief/Graduated. 10. Exposure Therapy: Prolonged/Intense. 11. Modeling Therapy: Vicarious Extinction and Skills Training. 12. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Cognitive Restructuring. 13. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Coping Skills. 14. Third-Generation Behavior Therapies: Acceptance and Mindfulness-Based Interventions. 15. Applications of Behavior Therapy to Medical Disorders. 16. Applications of Behavior Therapy to Psychological Disorders with Primary Physical Characteristics. 17. Contemporary Behavior Therapy in Perspective: Strengths and Challenges.

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Titre: Contemporary Behavior Therapy, International Edition
Code EAN: 9780495509080
ISBN: 978-0-495-50908-0
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Lingenbrink Georg
Genre: Médecine
nombre de pages: 640
Poids: 990g
Taille: H234mm x B186mm x T28mm
Année: 2009
Auflage: 5. Aufl.


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