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A Sacred Trust

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Callahan (history, Kettering U., Michigan) here completes his two-volume history of the impact of the League of Nations mandate sy... Lire la suite
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Callahan (history, Kettering U., Michigan) here completes his two-volume history of the impact of the League of Nations mandate system on Anglo-French colonialism in Africa from 1914 to 1946; the first volume, Mandates and Empire was published in 1999. Historians of the League have paid almost no attention in recent decades, he says, to its interna


Michael D Callahan is Associate Professor of History at Kettering University, Michigan

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This book completes a two-volume history of the impact of the mandates system on Anglo-French colonialism in Africa from 1914 to 1946. The second volume explains how the League of Nations mandates system fused two of the predominant and compelling global forces of the twentieth century: imperialism and Wilsonian internationalism. After the First World War, Britain and France administered most of Germanys former tropical African colonies as mandates under the supervision of the League as a sacred trust of civilization. This system of international trusteeship changed British and French rule in Africa. In short, mandates were not colonies. Mandates meant less militarism, more commercial equality, a greater emphasis on the interests of Africans, and an end to the extension of European national sovereignty over colonized peoples. Accountability to the League also required the British and French to reconsider traditional economic, strategic, and ideological assumptions about their


Contents: Preface; List of Abbreviations; Map of Africa, 1931; Introduction; The PMC and Imperialism; Wilsonianism in Africa; Germans and Africans; 'Belonging to No Country'; 'A Peculiar Obligation'; The Problem of Sovereignty; Conceptions of Colonialism; The Petitions of Africans; Ethiopia and Liberia; Humanitarian Intervention and Territorial Integrity; Mandates and Nazis; Restraint and Reform; 'Abyssinia Breaks the Heart'; 'Mandated Territories are Not Colonies'; The Plymouth Report; Lugard Leaves the League; Mandates and 'Indirect Rule'; The Popular Front and the Labour Party; Mandates between Geneva and Germany; 'Rumour and Uncertainty'; Mandates and Metropolitan Politics; The League of Nations and Africa in 1937; Chamberlain Considers Colonies; 'A New Plan Based on Higher Ideals'; 'A Complicated New System'; Mandates after Munich; Mandates and Preserving Peace; Some Old and New Problems; 'As Caesar's Wife'; War in Europe and 'the Local Imperialists'; The PMC and Mandates, 1939-1940; War and the World Order; Debating the Future of the Mandates System; Continuing the 'Sacred Trust'; Conclusions; Bibliography; Index.

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Titre: A Sacred Trust
Sous-titre: The League of Nations and Africa, 1929-1946
Code EAN: 9781845190163
ISBN: 978-1-84519-016-3
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Sussex Academic Press
Genre: Histoire
nombre de pages: 308
Poids: 598g
Taille: H232mm x B161mm x T24mm
Année: 2004


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