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A Darkness More than Night

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 496 Nombre de pages
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McCaleb soll das Profil des Täters eines ungelösten Mordfalls erstellen. Das Opfer war sechs Jahre zuvor von Harry Bosch wegen Mor... Lire la suite
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McCaleb soll das Profil des Täters eines ungelösten Mordfalls erstellen. Das Opfer war sechs Jahre zuvor von Harry Bosch wegen Mordes verhaftet worden. McCaleb findet einen bislang übersehenen Hinweis. Die Plastikeule als Botschaft des Mörders, Symbol des Bösen in der Renaissance, führt unmittelbar zu Harry Bosch. Nun geht es auch noch um dessen guten Ruf!

LAPD Detective Harry Bosch crosses paths with FBI profiler Terry McCaleb in the most dangerous investigation of their lives. Harry Bosch is up to his neck in a case that has transfixed all of celebrity-mad Los Angeles: a movie director is charged with murdering an actress during sex, and then staging her death to make it look like a suicide. Bosch is both the arresting officer and the star witness in a trial that has brought the Hollywood media pack out in full-throated frenzy. Meanwhile, Terry McCaleb is enjoying an idyllic retirement on Catalina Island when a visit from an old colleague brings his former world rushing back. It's a murder, the unreadable kind of murder he specialized in solving back in his FBI days. The investigation has stalled, and the sheriff's office is asking McCaleb to take a quick look at the murder book to see if he turns up something they've missed. McCaleb's first reading of the crime scene leads him to look for a methodical killer with a taste for rituals and revenge. As his quick look accelerates into a full-sprint investigation, the two crimes - his murdered loner and Bosch's movie director - begin to overlap strangely. With one unsettling revelation after another, they merge, becoming one impossible, terrifying case, involving almost inconceivable calculation. McCaleb believes he has unmasked the most frightening killer ever to cross his sights. But his investigation tangles with Bosch's lines, and the two men find themselves at odds in the most dangerous investigation of their lives.

Michael Connelly, geboren 1956 in Philadelphia, studierte zunächst Journalismus und Kreatives Schreiben in Florida. Anschließend (ab 1980) arbeitete er für verschiedene Zeitungen in Fort Lauderdale und Daytona Beach, wo er sich auf Polizeireportagen spezialisierte. Nachdem 1986 eine seiner Reportagen für den Pulitzer Preis nominiert worden war, wechselte er als Polizeireporter zur "Los Angeles Times". Für sein Thrillerdebüt erhielt er 1992 auf Anhieb den Edgar Award, den renommiertesten amerikanischen Krimipreis. Heute lebt er mit seiner Familie wieder in Florida.

Informations sur le produit

Titre: A Darkness More than Night
Sous-titre: A Harry Bosch Novel
Code EAN: 9781455550678
ISBN: 978-1-4555-5067-8
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Correspondance et biographies
nombre de pages: 496
Poids: 250g
Taille: H190mm x B190mm
Année: 2014


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