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Countdown to Greatness

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" I was born August 5, 1963 in Williamston, a small town in Down East North Carolina. My parents were Landy and Peggy Griffin, an... Lire la suite
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" I was born August 5, 1963 in Williamston, a small town in Down East North Carolina. My parents were Landy and Peggy Griffin, and my brothers from oldest to youngest are Landy, (I am 2nd), John, Kevin, Derek and Kim. We remain close, and every member of my family inspires me. I married Cathy Renee' Cole in 1987, and we have two sons - Joshua Michael (1990) and Jacob Loyd (1993). Raising a family gave me new perspective on the importance of my role as a loving husband and father. I coached both my sons in numerous sports from Kindergarten through Middle School, and loved every minute. Of course, when they learned I was not really the greatest coach in history….well, let's just say that was a tough day for Coach Dad. I think they were 9. My wife and sons have continuously inspired me since day one; I am grateful for every moment. A 1985 graduate of Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, I took my Accounting degree to Pinehurst, NC and my first job in a regional accounting firm. After 2 years with the accounting firm, I was hired in 1987 as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) for Moore County Government in Carthage, NC. During my 17-year service with the County, I obtained my CPA certificate, as well as various designations and certifications as a Public Finance Officer and Local Government Official. I then worked for the private sector for 3 years, as CFO for Pine Needles and Mid Pines Resorts in Southern Pines. Serving this family-owned golf resort gave me enhanced appreciation for all businesses, as they look to build and maintain outstanding customer service, while faced with continuous demands on cash-flow and operational profitability. In 2007, I returned to public service as CFO for Moore County Schools, also in Carthage. I served the schools for 8 years, until my retirement in December 2015. I am honored and privileged to have worked with great individuals and great teams throughout my career. The people surrounding me on a daily basis have all inspired me, not only at work but also in my overall life. They too are an inspiration for Countdown to Greatness. I retired after a 30-year career; however, I did retire sooner than originally planned. My wife Cathy has Multiple Sclerosis; she can still walk independently, but not as quickly as before. I stay home with her to make sure she is ok, and to take a few vacations. We are hopeful for continued stability with her MS, and a potential cure. She has handled the diagnosis with continued strength, once again inspiring me to be my best. Amazing how greatness can inspire, not only for yourself, but for all those around you.


Texte du rabat

Countdown to Greatness (C2G) is designed to ignite and re-ignite an individuals awareness of their potential. The book reminds us that all individuals have greatness within them, and that we all have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of others. By helping others, we help ourselves to become better individuals, and move closer and closer to our own potential and to greatness.

When we understand the internal emotional reward of helping others, we begin to see not only our potential as individuals, but also see our potential as members of a family, a team, or a group of individuals working together for a common purpose.

C2G provides basic principles of individual development, presented in a condensed and easy-to understand format. Individuals of all ages can take the information and apply it in their daily lives. Readers can continuously look to C2G to remind them of their purpose. The books focus is to inspire; however, C2Gs primary purpose is to help individuals understand their purpose, so they can find the key to their self-inspiration. Once we find our internal fire, we will always know how to rediscover our fire, and re-ignite.

I wrote C2G to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I was inspired to write this book as a tribute to all those who have inspired me throughout my career and my life. My hope is that Countdown to Greatness will ignite that same type of inspiration in everyone that reads this book. And if reading this book inspires you, then you have inspired me even more, as inspiration is a continuous cycle. We all have greatness within us. It is up to us to find it and share it with all those around us. Time to Inspire! Time to Be Great!

Informations sur le produit

Titre: Countdown to Greatness
Sous-titre: C2g Greatness Lives Within You Find It Ignite It
Code EAN: 9781514479353
ISBN: 1514479354
Format: Livre Relié
nombre de pages: 62
Poids: 253g
Taille: H229mm x B152mm x T8mm
Année: 2016


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