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Earnings Management, Incentives and Intangibles

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Mike Nwogugu was most recently a senior executive and co-founder of a sports media and ecommerce company in the USA. Prior to that... Lire la suite
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Mike Nwogugu was most recently a senior executive and co-founder of a sports media and ecommerce company in the USA. Prior to that, Mike was a Senior Vice President for Corporate Governance & Strategic Planning at Dentamach International, Inc. and performed the same role at China America Cooperative Automotive, Inc. He has worked in other roles at UBS PaineWebber and KPMG. Mike holds degrees in Architecture from the University of Nigeria and the City University of New York; and an M.B.A. from Columbia University (New York City). He is an 'inactive' Certified Public Accountant (Maryland) and Certified Management Accountant (IMA/ICMA). Mike has worked as a consultant and provided financial, cost analysis, strategic planning, operations planning and new-product development services to start up and emerging growth companies and has been the Chairman/founder of several new ventures. Mike is a reviewer for the European Journal of Operations Research, and American Statistician. Mike Nwogugu has published articles in journals such as Managerial Auditing Journal; the Journal of Hedge Funds & Derivatives; the Journal of International Banking Law & Regulation; Journal Of Risk Finance; Corporate Ownership & Control; International Journal Of Game Theory, Mathematics & Algebra; and Applied Mathematics & Computation. Mike Nwogugu's book titled Risk in the Global Real Estate Market was published by John Wiley in 2012; and he is writing other books including Mechanism Design and International Risk Regulation Institutions (Gower, 2013).

Earnings Management in all its forms is a major macro-economic 'leakage' that distorts fiscal, monetary, and social policy. The Global financial Crises and the failures of many international conglomerates have partly been caused by earnings management and have had rippling effects on many regional and national economies. Many companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations own substantial amounts of commercial real estate and intangibles and are vulnerable to earnings management issues that lead to fraud, inaccurate financial reporting and inconsistent credit analysis. In Earnings Management, Incentives and Intangibles, Mike Nwogugu not only defines earnings management as a form of misconduct, but he also identifies the major psychological, legal and social aspects of the phenomenon, and introduces methods to eliminate or substantially reduce earnings management. In the process, he provides an analysis of the organizational impact of the psychological and behavioural issues involved. Here, the author explains why Incentives are also Intangibles in Institutional Economics; and explains how the incentives granted to employees, and the incentives inherent in firms' transactions and organizational structures can either facilitate or hinder Earnings Management. The book focuses on Intangible Assets and real estate because historically, more than fifty per cent of all earnings management around the world is associated with these two types of assets; which coincidentally, are also some of the most vulnerable to external factors beyond management's control. With its international scope, this volume provides valuable insights for Board members and senior/mid-level executives of companies that own substantial real estate portfolios, or intangibles and goodwill, which need to ensure that their analyses of profitability and financial stability are sound.

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Titre: Earnings Management, Incentives and Intangibles
Sous-titre: Psychological, Legal and Social Factors in Creative Accounting
Code EAN: 9781409456964
ISBN: 978-1-4094-5696-4
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Taylor and Francis
Genre: Management
nombre de pages: 250
Poids: g
Taille: H246mm x B174mm
Année: 2021