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The Works Of Michael Bruce

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 284 Nombre de pages
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Texte du rabat MICHAEL BRUCE EDITED, BY THE REV. ALEXANDER B. GROSART, KINROS. With gentle I3nvcq flinging melodious blame Oa the ... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

MICHAEL BRUCE EDITED, BY THE REV. ALEXANDER B. GROSART, KINROS. With gentle I3nvcq flinging melodious blame Oa the Future for an uncompktcd aamc DAVID C uv, fa C SAadm. - 1815 - T H E W O R K S M I C H A E L B R U C E . B O O K S BY TIIE REV. ALEXANDER B. GROSART, XISROSS. I. ORIGINAL. I . Smn S. fliirri Edition, with Rddiiotu, royanl I Gm, clothantique, prim 1s. I. 1. r 1 9 I hem is in it both genius and j u d m t, goal W pod laming and cmd pqyl. - Dn JOHV I I OW a N w, f br a Rud aad hu F, c. W., 1m tk Scottl, 7. 1 4. h1 r Cmurts nobk unnan.-REV. C If. Snaccon, up-rrkdk u r r . r n u t m itin is I t h f m fd Afrrmrmrk 1 . The thdngy d the book IS puritanic the think1, mutulinc md weighty thc mm trations p i c c u q q and drawn fmm a wide mm o b u m t i o n an d reading d c p to the conmencc are den borh untrpcctcdmd VC y pu 17re a u t h d r brilliancy nd there is not a little d i t is like a r i w rhrch tcq t a bulkt is oo L S nay. - TA Fwwmau. ing Wtoi t L h h e e lclo t a h d e e nwccr. i- Bcnfabstnr ilrlCih nt n a u p d u l F m o c r e r o i f p ir E m e g u e m ry p, l t r h iP em l R is no bck Q o w f p r h lr i 3 y, 1063. 2. j f l A l f ipn fy to Sczz c o r, Chnil fdr a thr I lforfdvn nd n l the IVorld for Christ. Third FAidcm, with Additioar, royal zGOY. cloth mLfq. price or fa pm mtim. Not only i. thcauthar m excclkat rhahr in the hn-b l d n to hi. p d d o n, and p u s m d of - than ordinary lnipht into d c m litnnturc, but fc a n to haw a wrcd n h k d p o d the old Englirh and SrmiJl dtrinity, cspcchlly o y b puritan o x r e whih is as rare as it is rich a d profitat e. m e pc everywhere rp. r. with diamon j p t h d from t h e r mina And when a, sit r-to rud his bmks find that this knowkdqc is on1 y the vcuure of a thinking portr, warthy of such ammh tion, and still more of a r ritual purpae, which cudcan the wrirtrimambly but steadrly as you go along.-T fwfafur. 3. 37ir Pnncc F f L qht and the Prirrrc o f Dtr rkntss ir, Cot Jic t o r, Tbe Iecmptation of Jmr Ntwl T r a r u l a t d FJrpLintd, Illrrrtntcd, a d A. Crom 8v0, pp xxxtv. and jCo. ha Nku Edit wm h pmfimtwm. It U exhaurtivu of the subcct, and yet, like book from ur original mind, it t s u g p t i v e after aIL . . . h e whn is t r e a t e d, full learning. u r d l aa with dor nnbvc c i t r c t r a m c n t P - T o A IRD I, jq., im D w r r r r fm i, d amA 184. It will win for itulf a place, and that a permanent ooc-Bn2irA a d Fomh Emampticai Rmirm, A N 8 4. 7Zr Lambs A l 2 Sz fc o r, 37rr Zz atio o t f l ChiZJrm. nird 1 fxliticm, co cnWe Additions. x 8 m q cl antique, price 1 A quaint, pithy, and godly little book, an a rcripavrl uk-ErvmcliCOZ CAI. Zj dum. 5 Dro2ivrtd IDzat ty it hud bcnr rtrrr A Scrnot irr Afotlonnl I of the Death by b P i n g in Lochlcvar of Mr Joha . kgi y prrccator. Third Editiocr W, crown 8vq prim 4d. G. nzr Blind Bmur by the 1 Vn sLlc o r, With, Assrr rarrcr, uad 1 f opt. 3amq Third td tioa, price X d. Fm mcatwrr im kftrrr. 7 . A te. rinl f z o r n Afirristcrs C nvmzntiorrrric pith illr nlnrdr q Corn municmts for the Eim Ti S d i h . 11. EDITED. 8. nrt I Vorh, r d h A ftrrrroir, Inirodr dioto r, Ad otfsv o f Richarri SIRIBIS D, . D., hlaster of Katherine IiaII, Gmbridgc. and Preacher of Gnys Inn, Imdon. 7 uok 8vo, cloth antique Sichols Puritan Divines. WC regard h1 r Grobart as a prince of editors.-T Eclicfu Rrt rso, Ocfobrr. 12 2 BOOKS BY THE REV. A. B. GROSART. g.Lord Bacon not the Author of The Christian Paradoxes Being a Reprint of Memorials of Godliness, by HERBERT P ALME B R ., D . with Introduction, Memoir, Notes, and Appendices. Printed for Private Circulation OU English Type...

Informations sur le produit

Titre: The Works Of Michael Bruce
Code EAN: 9781408628942
ISBN: 1408628945
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Romans et récits
nombre de pages: 284
Poids: 365g
Taille: H216mm x B140mm x T16mm
Année: 2007


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