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Towards an Elegant Syntax

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This collection of essays, written between 1980 and 2001, places the search for theoretical elegance at centre stage. and makes av... Lire la suite
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This collection of essays, written between 1980 and 2001, places the search for theoretical elegance at centre stage. and makes available important and some less easily accessible publications with new introductory material.


Michael Brody is Professor of Linguistics at University College London and Scientific Advisor at the Linguistics Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


Introduction Principles and Parameters 1. 'On Circular Readings' (1980) in Journal of Linguistics Research Vol. 2, Bloomington, Indiana, also in N. V. Smith ed. Mutual Knowledge Academic Press, New York 2. 'On Contextual Definitions and the Role of Chain' (1984) Linguistic Inquiry 15.3, pp. 355-380 3. 'On the Complementary Distribution of Empty Categories' (1985) Linguistic Inquiry 16.4, pp. 505-546 Beyond Principles and Parameters 4. 'On Chomsky's Knowledge of Language' (1987) Mind and Language Vol. 2, Basil Blackwell, Oxford and New York 5. 'A Note on the Organization of the Grammar' (1992) UCL Working Papers in Linguistics Vol.4, UCL 6. 'Theta Theory and Arguments' (1993) Linguistic Inquiry 24.1, pp. 1-23 Towards An Elegant Syntax 7. 'Projection and Phrase Structure' (1998) Linguistic Inquiry 29.3, pp. 367-398 (Earlier in Working Papers In the Theory of Grammar 2.2 Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1995) 8. 'Perfect Chains' (1997) in L. Haegeman ed. Handbvook of Syntactic Theory, Kluwer pp. 139-167 9. 'The Minimalist Program and a Perfect Syntax' (1998) Mind and Langugage 13.2, pp. 205-214, Basil Blackwell, Oxford and New York 10. 'On the Status of Representations and Derivations' to appear in Epstein and Seely eds. Derivation and Explanation in the Minimalist Program Blackwell Publishers. (Earlier version in UCL Working Papers in Linguistics (2000) Vol.13, pp. 343-346 Aspects of Mirror Theory 11. 'Mirror Theory: Syntactic Representation in Perfect Syntax' (2000) Linguistic Inquiry 31.1, pp. 29-56 12. 'Roll-up Structures and Morphological Words' 13. 'Word Order, Restructuring and Mirror Theory' (2000) in Peter Svenonius ed. The Derivation of VO and OV John Benjamins, pp. 27-43

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Titre: Towards an Elegant Syntax
Code EAN: 9780415299596
ISBN: 978-0-415-29959-6
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Routledge
Genre: Linguistique et sciences de la littérature
nombre de pages: 309
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Année: 2003


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