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Paradosis Vol. 3

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Michael is originally from Germany. He lived for several years in Scotland, where Michael tutored in theology and completed his P... Lire la suite
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Michael is originally from Germany. He lived for several years in Scotland, where Michael tutored in theology and completed his PhD. His doctoral dissertation focuses on the Christology of Swiss theologian Adolf Schlatter (1852-1938), and he has also published on Jonathan Edwards, Dutch Neo-Calvinism, and the relation between theology and culture. Michael has worked as a pastor in Germany (Free Evangelical Church), and he served as an elder in a local Edinburgh congregation of the Free Church of Scotland.

Texte du rabat

This journal is entitled PARADOSIS, a Greek word meaning 'tradition'. PARADOSIS is chosen as the title of the journal because it expresses the sense that the theological enterprise is a continuous ministry, the ongoing 'traditioning' responsibility of the Christian church to carry forward the deposit of faith from the past, while rearticulating it in dialogue with the contexts, mindsets and issues of current culture. Admittedly, 'tradition' can have negative connotations, as in Jesus' criticisms of scribes and Pharisees who broke the commandments of God for the sake of their human traditions. However, it has positive connotations when used in relation to the gospel of Christ and the fundamental Christian teachings received and passed on by the apostles. These form the bedrock of the Christian faith. Early believers were urged to hold fast to, contend for, and pass on this tradition. The theological implications of the gospel traditions occupied the best minds in Christendom during the early centuries following the apostolic age. The consensual conclusions they reached constitute Christian orthodoxy and the basis of subsequent theological endeavours down through the Middle Ages, the Reformation period, the Enlightenment, and the theological enterprise today. Christian theology must serve pastoral ministry, evangelism, cross cultural mission and inter-faith dialogue. From the earliest centuries Christian leaders, evangelists and apologists sought to apply theology to the pastoral needs of believers and commend the faith to others. In recent times these disciplines have flourished and are producing their own traditions. PARADOSIS will showcase articles in biblical studies and theology. A future journal planned by MST, PRAXIS, will provide opportunity for the publication of articles in pastoral ministry, evangelism, mission and other living faiths.

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Titre: Paradosis Vol. 3
Sous-titre: Christology
Code EAN: 9780987615411
ISBN: 0987615416
Format: Couverture cartonnée
nombre de pages: 116
Poids: 167g
Taille: H229mm x B152mm x T6mm
Année: 2017


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