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Keywords in Qualitative Methods

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Offers coverage of qualitative methods complemented by illustration from the array of academic disciplines in which qualitative re... Lire la suite
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Offers coverage of qualitative methods complemented by illustration from the array of academic disciplines in which qualitative research is found and employed. This guide covers a range of topics, including: a definition of the method; a description of distinctive features; examples to convey the flavour of a technique; and a list of key readings.


editorial board member, Qualitative Research, and Chair, Trustees of the Foundation which owns the Sociology of Health and Illness journal

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An essential companion for students across the social and health sciences, this text provides a wide-ranging coverage of qualitative methods complemented by extended illustration from the array of academic disciplines in which qualitative research is found and employed.

Written in a lively and reader-friendly style, the guide covers a comprehensive range of topics, including:

- a concise definition of the method

- a description of distinctive features

- examples to convey the flavour of a technique or principle

- a critical and reflective evaluation of the method or approach under consideration

- cross references to associated concepts within the dictionary

- a list of key readings


Access Negotiations Action Research Analytic Induction Analytic Notes (see Research Diary) Authenticity (see Naturalism) Authorial presence (see Reflexivity) Audio-recording Autoethnography Bias Biographies Case Study Chicago School (see Symbolic Interactionism) Citizens' Jury Coding (see Indexing) Cognitive Mapping Community Studies (see Action Research and Ethnography) Computer-Assisted Data Analysis Computer Mediated Interviewing (see Electronic Data Collection) Confessional Accounts (see Writing) Constant Comparative Method (see Grounded Theory) Conversation Analysis Covert Research Critical Cases (see Case Study) Dangerous Fieldwork Data Protection (see Ethics) Deconstructionism (see Discourse Analysis) Delphi Groups Depth Interviews (see Interviewing) Deviant Case Analysis (see Analytic Induction) Diary Methods Discourse Analysis Documentary Methods Electronic Data Collection Ethics Ethnography Ethnomethodology Feminist Methods Fieldnotes Fieldwork Relationships Focus Groups Foreshadowed Problems (see Ethnography) Gatekeepers (see Access Negotiations) Generalisation Going Native (see Bias) Grounded Theory Group Interviews Indexing Indigenous Researchers (see Public Participation) Informed Consent (see Ethics) Interviews Key Informants Leaving the Field Life History (see Oral History) Logical Analysis Member Validation (see Triangulation) Meta Ethnography Mixed Methods (see Multiple Methods) Multiple Methods Narratives Naturalism Observation (see Ethnography) Oral History Participant Observation (see Ethnography) Phenomenological Methods Piloting Positivism (see Naturalism) Postmodernism Post-Structuralism (see Postmodernism) Process Evaluation Public Participation Public/Private Accounts Public Sociology (see Whose Side Are We On?) Purposive Sampling (see Sampling) Qualitative/Quantitative Combinations (see Multiple Methods) Rapid Assessment Realism (see Naturalism) Reflexivity Reliability Research Diary Researcher Safety (see Dangerous Fieldwork) Respondent Validation (see Triangulation) Sampling Semi-Structured Interviews (see Interviews) Social Network Analysis Software (see Computer-Assisted Data Analysis) Symbolic Interactionism Taxonomies Telephone Interviewing (see Electronic Data Collection) Thick Description (see Theoretical Saturation) Theoretical Sampling (see Sampling) Theoretical Saturation Time Sampling (see Sampling) Transcription Triangulation Trust Uses of Qualitative Research Video Recording Video Analysis (see Video Recording) Vignettes Virtual Focus Groups (see Focus Groups) Validity (see Reliability) Whose Side Are We On? Writing

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Titre: Keywords in Qualitative Methods
Sous-titre: A Vocabulary of Research Concepts
Code EAN: 9780761943310
ISBN: 0761943315
Format: Couverture cartonnée
nombre de pages: 204
Poids: 273g
Taille: H211mm x B149mm x T15mm
Année: 2006


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