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quot;In 2006, the documentary An Inconvenient Truth set off a heated political debate when it threatened that inaction on climate ... Lire la suite
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quot;In 2006, the documentary An Inconvenient Truth set off a heated political debate when it threatened that inaction on climate change would lead to a dark and frightening future by 2016. Well, that ten year window has closed--and we have neither resolved the threats to our climate, nor gone past the point of no return. To Mayor Bloomberg and Carl Pope, it's clear that to treat climate change as either a lost cause or a non-issue is the wrong approach. Global leaders are stymied by the enormity of the doom-and-gloom scenarios. So what happens when you tell leaders that they can definitely--right now, this year--reduce the number of children who have asthma attacks, save thousands of Americans from dying of respiratory disease, cut energy bills, increase the security of our energy supply, make it easier for everyone to get around town, increase the number of jobs in their community--all while increasing the long-term stability of the global climate? That is actionable. That future is within our grasp. The changing climate should be seen as a series of discreet, manageable problems that should be attacked from all angles, each with a solution that can make our society healthier and our economy stronger. In these times, when it's less and less clear if the federal government will be willing to tackle climate change, Bloomberg and Pope lay out a powerfully persuasive argument about how cities can play an outsize role in fighting and reversing the dangerous effects of a warming planet. Together they lay out theeconomic and personal health reasons for businesses and individual citizens to support climate change action plans"--

quot;In their new book, Climate of Hope, Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope provide readers with a wonderful, in-depth analysis of how municipalities, businesses and private citizens are proving to be a bold force in solving the greatest challenge of our time?the climate crisis. This book gives readers the opportunity to benefit from the wisdom of two highly successful individuals who have taken distinct paths to ensuring that their own communities and organizations have a tangible impact in securing our sustainable future. Climate of Hope is an inspiring must-read for anyone who wants to know how their local actions can have positive and significant impacts on the world." ?Former Vice President Al Gore, Chairman of The Climate Reality Project"If Trump is looking for a blueprint, he could not do better than to read a smart new book, Climate of Hope." ?Thomas Friedman in The New York Times"Meeting our world?s growing energy demands will require contributions from science, business and government. As Climate of Hope shows, Michael Bloomberg has a unique understanding of the importance of this collaborative approach. Michael?s leadership and optimism remind us that by working together, we can develop breakthrough innovations to reduce the cost and increase the reliability of clean energy technology." ?Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation"Climate change threatens to reshape the future of our world's population centers. Bloomberg and Pope have been leaders on fortifying our cities against this threat, and their book proves that victory is possible?and imperative." ?Leonardo DiCaprio"Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope, in their new book, Climate of Hope, make a powerful argument that we need a new conversation to ensure we save the planet from global warming. It is a necessary look at the threat and an urgent call for all of us to act immediately at the local level. They bring knowledge, experience and passion to a subject that demands our attention." ?Charlie Rose, anchor and executive editor of Charlie Rose, co-anchor of CBS This Morning, and correspondent on 60 Minutes"A hopeful book of strategies for delivering the planet from our worst environmental depredations. ?a thoughtful, eminently reasonable set of proposals." ?Kirkus"Upbeat, pragmatic, eloquent, and supremely well-informed, Bloomberg and Pope present striking statistics, cogently describe diverse examples of energy reforms and innovations across the U.S. and around the world, and make clear on both personal and social levels why a low-carbon future is possible, necessary, and of great benefit to everyone." ?Booklist"Thanks in no small part to Michael Bloomberg, mayors around the world are proving day after day that cities can tackle climate change. There are three things we need to do: act, act and act again. This is the first book that explains how." ?Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris"Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope show that cities demonstrate how a bottom-up approach to climate action is not only possible, but also necessary?and how all of us have a role to play." ?Carol Browner, former EPA Administrator & White House Climate Advisor"Climate of Hope couldn?t be more timely?or more necessary. Its optimistic and can-do spirit is exactly what made a global agreement possible. Now, Bloomberg and Pope provide a roadmap for making it a success." ?Christiana Figueres, Former Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC

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Sous-titre: How Cities, Businesses and Citizens Can Save the Planet
Code EAN: 9781250142078
ISBN: 978-1-250-14207-8
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Macmillan USA
Genre: Biologie
nombre de pages: 272
Poids: 488g
Taille: H244mm x B167mm x T27mm
Année: 2017


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