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The Humana Chronicles: And the Dream Nation

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 472 Nombre de pages
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As a philosopher and poet, Michael Bellusci interlaces the story with poems created through the prism of the Romantic Era in orde... Lire la suite
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As a philosopher and poet, Michael Bellusci interlaces the story with poems created through the prism of the Romantic Era in order to bring the characters to life. The characters go beyond the display of emotion and demonstrate intellectual responses to the degradation of nature and the spiritual essence of man.
What will a mechanized planet look like in the near future?
Philosophical questions produce undercurrents within the book that appeal to modern conditions and the existential threats that face mankind. The visceral reactions to widespread industrialization and the scientific rationalization of nature is just as relevant today as it was during the 18th and 19th centuries.
The globalization of values to create a monolithic world is even more of a concern today with the added dimension of powerful destructive technologies.
The book explores the possibility of a discernible track in the evolution of human values from the Demarcation Line of history....

Texte du rabat

It is the Age of Revolution during the eighteen and nineteenth centuries-the Demarcation Line of History AD-and the world is in turmoil. No one can stop the forces of change, as political forces aided and abetted by science and technology sweep the planet. In this story, Mathius is the only leader on the planet who can see the dangerous direction in which the world is headed. An astronomer, Dr. Joanna Hopsfere, whom he has never met, makes the same predictions using scientific models.
Mathius believes the only hope for survival is by creating the Dream Nation. A famous magician and scientist, Dr. Lorenzo Da Vita (alias Lord Magic), is summoned by Mathius to help create the Haven of the Sea, in order to save his people. Queen Mirabelle, Mathius's one true love, has similar visions and inspires Mathius through her poetry.
However, a conflict ensues between Mathius and his twin brother, Luthor, over what shape and role their new nation should play in a world engulfed by revolutions. The most unlikely figure by the name of Moringa emerges, and she skillfully usurps power through the art of deception. As the struggle for power is fiercely contested, Lord Magic is caught in a web of lies and deceit. He begins to question the role of science and the consequences for the future.
The Humana Chronicles illustrates the struggles and conflicts involved reaching a greater truth for human existence....

Informations sur le produit

Titre: The Humana Chronicles: And the Dream Nation
Sous-titre: and The Dream Nation
Code EAN: 9781770974388
ISBN: 978-1-77097-438-8
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Friesenpr
Genre: Science fiction et fantaisie
nombre de pages: 472
Poids: 594g
Taille: H216mm x B140mm x T27mm
Année: 2014


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