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The Revival Of Agriculture

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THE REVIVAL OF AGRICULTURE A CONSTRUCTIVE POLICY for BRITAIN THE CULTIVATOR THE REVIVAL OF AGRICULTURE A CONSTRUCTIVE POLICY for BRITAIN Prepared by a Committee of the Rural Reconstruction Association With a foreword by Lord OHagan and Michael Beaumont, M. P. and an illustration by Elizabeth 3 ke Jenkins GEORGE ALLEN tJNWIN LTD MUSEUM STREET FOREWORD THE importance of this book to the nation to-day depends on two quite simple things. The first that every social and economic problem from Unemployment to War is linked up with the revival of agriculture, and none can be dealt with until that question is solved. Such a revival is therefore of fundamental importance to the nation. The second that this particular problem of the revival of agriculture is very little understood. Indeed, whilst very many books and reports have been issued in recent years disparaging proposals for the restoration of agri culture to its proper place in our national life, not one, so far as we are aware, has been issued in the last twelve years giving the case for this restoration. The public is therefore uninformed of the material facts. This book gives the information that is needed. There is another point that deserves to be mentioned here. The simple way in which the book is written, whilst it disarms criticism, may give the impression that the analysis is superficial and therefore the conclusions incorrect. It is therefore important that readers should understand that the Rural Reconstruction Association has been dealing continuously with this problem for eleven years, during which time the Executive Committee, meeting once a month, has given detailed attention to every aspect of the question either as itarose or more 5 6 THE REVIVAL OF AGRICULTURE often in advance. Careful inquiries on all features of the problem have concurrently been made in this and other countries and we believe that no aspect of the subject has been left unexplored. No investigation of this character has, so far as we are aware, ever been made into this or any other social or economic problem. We have no hesitation in recommending the book to the nation. OHAGAN, President, MICHAEL BEAUMONT, Chairman of Council, Rural Reconstruction Association. May 1936. CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE Foreword 5 PART ONE INTRODUCTORY I. The Problem in History II n. Comments on Economics 25 ill. The Case for Rural Revival 30 PART TWO A NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL POLICY IV. Some General Considerations 49 v. Standard Prices 59 VI. Organisation of Distribution and Processing 72 VII. Regulation of Imports 86 vni. Balancing Supply and Demand 93 IX. Finance 99 PART THREE THE NATIONAL ORGANISATION OF AGRICULTURE x. An Agricultural Federation and a National Food Council 103 XI. A Final Comment 115 Appendix 117 Bibliography 133 Index 135 PART ONE INTRODUCTORY CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM IN HISTORY OUR reason for approaching the subject first from the historical standpoint comes from a belief that it is only from the study of history that we can secure a right perspective. We doubt whether investigations of current conditions alone lead to solutions, whatever their value in other ways. Conditions vary in every country and change every day there is nothing which the mind can take hold of, and their study may, if widely extended, tend to superficiality and even to intellectual chaos. On the other hand, the historical method of inquiry the tracing of matters toand from their origin should result in seeing the problem as a growth, rather than as an incident in current life. A clear picture is thus obtained and the principles that govern social life in all time emerge. Moreover, the mind so equipped, seems to turn naturally from looking back to looking forward. We suggest then that the study of our social problems should be in time as well as in space. Or, to state the same point in a different form, it is from a study of origins that we secure results. This study of origins is always illuminating...

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