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Developing and Delivering Practice-Based Evidence

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Zusammenfassung Evidence-based practice is the model currently endorsed by UK and other authorities for, amongst other things, psy... Lire la suite
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Zusammenfassung Evidence-based practice is the model currently endorsed by UK and other authorities for, amongst other things, psychological interventions. Yet because it places value on randomized control trials and meta-analytic studies above other methodologies, it is not always relevant to practitioners.


Michael Barkham is Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Centre for Psychological Services Research at the University of Sheffield. He has published approximately 150 scientific papers and 30 book chapters in the fields of clinical psychology, counselling, and psychotherapy and has an abiding commitment to strengthening the paradigm of practice-based evidence. Gillian E. Hardy is Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Clinical Psychology Unit and the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology training programme at the University of Sheffield. She has published extensively in the field of psychotherapy outcome and process research. John Mellor-Clark has been engaged in the evaluation of UK psychological therapies and counselling for the past 20 years. Through the mid-1990s, he led the development of the CORE System as the first standardised quality evaluation system in the UK for psychological therapy. Today this system is used by over 250 services and 3,500 clinicians to help measure, monitor, and manage therapy outcomes.

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"Developing and Delivering Practice-based Evidence" promotes a range of methodological approaches to complement traditional evidence-based practice in the field of psychological therapies. Represents the first UK text to offer a coherent and programmatic approach to expand traditional trials methodology in the field of psychological therapies by utilizing evidence gained by practitioners Includes contributions from UK and US scientist-practitioners who are leaders in their fieldFeatures content appropriate for practitioners working alone, in groups, and for psychological therapy services


List of Contributors. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. SECTION I: EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE AND PRACTICE-BASED EVIDENCE. 1 The Current View of Evidence and Evidence-Based Practice (Peter Bower and Simon Gilbody). 2 Building a Rigorous and Relevant Knowledge Base for the Psychological Therapies (Michael Barkham, William B. Stiles, Michael J. Lambert and John Mellor-Clark). SECTION II: METHODOLOGICAL PLURALISM FOR INDIVIDUAL PRACTITIONERS. 3 Scientific, Practical and Personal Decisions in Selecting QualitativeMethods (Nancy Pistrang and Chris Barker). 4 Theory-Building Case Studies as Practice-Based Evidence (William B. Stiles). 5 Single Case QuantitativeMethods for Practice-Based Evidence (Dean McMillan and Stephen Morley). SECTION III: MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS FOR INDIVIDUAL PRACTITIONERS AND SERVICES. 6 Outcome Questionnaire System (The OQ System): Development and Practical Applications in Healthcare Settings (Michael J. Lambert, Nathan B. Hansen and S. Cory Harmon). 7 Treatment Outcome Package (TOP) - Development and use in Naturalistic Settings (David Kraus and Louis G. Castonguay). 8 Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation (CORE) - The CORE Measures and System:Measuring,Monitoring andManaging Quality Evaluation in the Psychological Therapies (Michael Barkham, John Mellor-Clark, Janice Connell, Chris Evans, Richard Evans and Frank Margison). SECTION IV: MONITORING STRATEGIES FOR INDIVIDUAL PRACTITIONERS AND SERVICES. 9 Using Benchmarks and Benchmarking to Improve Quality of Practice and Services (Robert J. Lueger and Michael Barkham). 10 Constructing and DisseminatingOutcome Data at the Service Level: Case Tracking and Benchmarking(Chris Leach and Wolfgang Lutz). SECTION V: MANAGING IMPROVEMENT VIA ORGANIZATIONS AND PRACTICE NETWORKS. 11 Organizational and Conceptual Framework for Practice-Based Research on the Effectiveness of Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy Training (Robert Elliott and Alberto Zucconi). 12 Practice Research Networks and Psychological Services Research in the UK and USA (Glenys Parry, Louis G. Castonguay, Tom D. Borkovec and Abraham W. Wolf). SECTION VI: DEVELOPING AND DELIVERIPRACTICE-BASED EVIDENCE. 13 Improving Practice and Enhancing Evidence (Michael Barkham, Gillian E. Hardy and John Mellor-Clark). Index.

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