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Christian Ethics

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"No history of ethics, and in particular, a history of Christian ethics can be purely 'history'. Rather it is as it should be an a... Lire la suite
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"No history of ethics, and in particular, a history of Christian ethics can be purely 'history'. Rather it is as it should be an argument about how we need to think in order to act well as Christians. We are quite fortunate to have Michael Banners book because it is an incisive contribution to this project.


Dr Michael Banner is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

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This enlightening book steers readers through the challenges and moral issues, providing a clear and decisive history of the main figures and texts in Christian ethics. A short and lively history of Christian ethics, exploring how Christianity has always had to grapple with complex moral problems - from questions about the status of early Christians who renounced their religion under Roman torture, through to current debates about euthanasia Engages with the main texts and figures in Christian ethics, including Augustine, Benedict, Aquinas, Luther and Barth Considers questions such as human will, the proper form of Christian life, natural law, and whether human nature is at odds with Christian ethics Concludes with a thought-provoking chapter considering the role that Christian ethics can play in contemporary moral debates and ethical dilemmas


Preface.Introduction.1. Benedict and the Practice of Christian Life.2. Augustine, God and Human Nature: The Theory of the Christian Life.3. Thomas Aquinas: The Natural Law and the Loss of christian Ethics.4. Martin Luther: Against Ethics.5. Butler, Kant and Kierkegaard: The Turn tot he Subject.6. Nietzsche and the Genealogists: Suspecting the Subject.7. Barth and John Paul II: The Rediscovery of Christian Ethics.8. History in the Present: Genetics, Ethics and Christian Life.Bibliography

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Titre: Christian Ethics
Sous-titre: A Brief History
Code EAN: 9781405115179
ISBN: 978-1-4051-1517-9
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Genre: Religion et théologie
nombre de pages: 150
Poids: 386g
Taille: H231mm x B157mm x T20mm
Année: 2009


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