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The Complete Guide to the NEXTSTEP(TM) User Environment

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Texte du rabat The Complete Guide to the NeXTSTEP User Environment is a book/diskette combination describing the advanced, object-... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

The Complete Guide to the NeXTSTEP User Environment is a book/diskette combination describing the advanced, object-oriented NeXTSTEP User Environment for NeXT and Intel-based computers. It is intended for those who already own a computer running NeXTSTEP and want to quickly learn what it can do, and how to get the most out of it with the least effort. It's also for those who are considering the purchase of NeXTSTEP but want to learn more about how it works. This is not just a "getting started" manual, but a book that describes how to make NeXTSTEP work for you. It provides numerous tips and tricks, shortcuts and commentary, and is written to make you feel as if you are sitting next to a veteran who can guide you through the NeXTSTEP user environment and steer you away from common pitfalls. Inside you not only learn about the NeXTSTEP User Environment, but also about the many applications bundled with it such as Draw, Edit, PrintManager, FaxReader, Digital Librarian, and more! There's even descriptions of popular public domain and shareware applications and how to find hidden treasures buried within NeXTSTEP that most users overlook. Some of the more advanced topics discussed include: How to take advantage of networked resources.- How to use UNIX commands within NeXTSTEP.- How to recover from application and system crashes.- How to customize NeXTSTEP to meet your needs.- How to find related NeXTSTEP information. The enclosed 3 1/2'' 1.4 MB high-density NeXTSTEP diskette includes NeXTSTEP applications, fonts, sample sounds and images to quickly speed you on your way to understanding and making great use of the most elegant system software available today. An electronic version of the popular public domain document, "Incomplete Guide to the Internet" (over 200 pages!), is also included. The diskette is formatted for NeXTSTEP, and works with both NeXT and Intel-based computer systems.

This book is about the advanced, object-oriented NEXTSTEp (TM) user envi- ronment for NeXT and Intel-based computers. When I set out to learn how to use NEXT- STEP several years ago, I found it extremely difficult to find information from the usual sources, such as books, magazines, user groups, and autho- rized dealers.


Up and Running.- 1. Basic Training.- User Accounts.- Starting NEXTSTEP.- Shutting Down.- An Inside Look.- 2. The NEXTSTEP Workspace.- The Mouse.- The File Viewer.- NEXTSTEP Windows.- NEXTSTEP Menus.- The Application Dock.- 3. Files and Folders.- Navigating with the File Viewer.- Using Multiple File Viewers.- Managing Windows.- Managing Folders.- Finding a File or Folder.- Selecting Files and Folders.- Compressing Files and Folders.- Moving, Copying, and Duplicating.- Monitoring Background Tasks.- Using Links.- Deleting Files and Folders.- 4. Removable Disks.- Understanding Disk Formats.- Mounting a Disk.- Unmounting a Disk.- Initializing a Disk.- Copying Files to a Disk.- 5. Inspectors.- Inspector Controls.- Attributes Inspector.- Inspector.- Tools Inspector.- Access Control Inspector.- The Address Inspector.- Applications.- 6. Application Management.- Starting Applications.- Monitoring Applications.- Hiding and Unhiding Applications.- Auto-Starting an Application.- Learning Tricks.- 7. Application Features.- Attention Panels.- The Help Panel.- The Save Panel.- The Open Panel.- Basic Text Editing.- The Find Panel.- The Font Panel.- The Spelling Panel.- The Colors Panel.- Services.- NeXTlinks.- 8. Printers and Fax Modems.- Getting Ready to Print.- Printing.- Faxing.- Configuring a Printer.- Configuring a Fax Modem.- 9. Bundled Applications.- Edit.- NeXTmail.- Preview.- FaxReader.- Preferences.- Terminal.- PrintManager.- Digital Librarian.- Digital Webster.- Digital Quotations.- Grab.- Demonstration Applications.- Summary of Bundled Applications.- 10. Application Installation.- Where to Install Applications.- The Installer.- So You Want to Know More.- 11. Customization.- Customizing the Workspace.- Customizing the User Environment.- Installing New Fonts.- 12. Networking.- Network File System (NFS).- File Transfer Protocol (FTP).- Internet Etiquette.- Public Domain and Shareware.- Novell NetWare.- Removable Disks.- File Conversion.- Emulators.- 13. UNIX Commands You Should Know.- UNIX Command Structure.- Often-Used UNIX Commands.- Pathname Shortcuts.- Jargon.- Special UNIX Commands.- 14. NEXTSTEP First Aid.- Frozen Applications.- System Crash Recovery.- 15. The World of NEXTSTEP.- Contacts at NeXT.- Information in Print.- Information in Electronic Format.- User Groups.- Conferences and User Training.- Reference.- Appendix A: Supported Printers.- Appendix B: Internet Archive Sites.- Appendix C: Buried Treasures.- Appendix D: Hardware Compatibility.

Informations sur le produit

Titre: The Complete Guide to the NEXTSTEP(TM) User Environment
Code EAN: 9780387979564
ISBN: 0387979565
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Informatique
nombre de pages: 476
Poids: 812g
Taille: H244mm x B170mm x T25mm
Année: 1993
Auflage: 1993


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