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Warlord's Gold

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  • 480 Nombre de pages
If you like Cornwell you will like Arnold.Préface The Fifth in The Civil War Chronicles featuring Captain Stryker - 'the Sharpe of... Lire la suite
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If you like Cornwell you will like Arnold.

The Fifth in The Civil War Chronicles featuring Captain Stryker - 'the Sharpe of the Civil War'

Michael Arnold lives in Petersfield, Hampshire with his wife and young son. After childhood holidays spent visiting castles and battlefields, he developed a lifelong fascination with the Civil Wars and is a member of Earl Rivers' Regiment of Foote in The Sealed Knot.

Texte du rabat

The 5th novel in the "Civil War Chronicles", the acclaimed series of historical thrillers featuring Captain Stryker. Full of weaponry, skirmishes, full scale battles, heroes and villains.


Warlord's Gold, the fifth novel in The Civil War Chronicles, Michael Arnold's acclaimed series of historical thrillers, sees battle-scarred hero, Captain Stryker, 'the Sharpe of the Civil War' on a quest to recover lost treasure.

Autumn,1643. As an increasingly bitter war rages across England, Captain Innocent Stryker leaves Oxford with orders to recover a lost treasure, vital to the success of the Royalist cause. But a seemingly simple mission to the remote Scilly Isles is soon jeopardised, for enemies lie in wait. A formidable Parliamentarian agent has been sent ahead of Stryker's force, intent on defeating Royalist plans. Feared by ally and enemy alike, he is a man whose determination is only matched by his hatred for Stryker.

The quest for the gold takes Stryker across storm-ravaged seas, through enemy territory and finally to the Royalist stronghold of Basing House. And it is there that Stryker will face his most dangerous challenge yet.

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Titre: Warlord's Gold
Sous-titre: Book 5 of The Civil War Chronicles
Code EAN: 9781848547636
ISBN: 978-1-84854-763-6
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Hodder & Stoughton
Genre: Romans et récits
nombre de pages: 480
Poids: 332g
Taille: H198mm x B130mm x T30mm
Année: 2015