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Defines what grasslands are and indicates how plants and animals learn to survive in this environment. Michael Allaby is the autho... Lire la suite
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Defines what grasslands are and indicates how plants and animals learn to survive in this environment.


Michael Allaby is the author, coauthor, or editor of more than 40 books, mainly on science, natural history, and environmental topics. Among other professional affiliations, he is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the Association of British Science Writers. For Facts On File, Allaby has written the eight-volume Dangerous Weather set, as well as the acclaimed two-volume Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate.

Texte du rabat

Biomes of the Earth is a new 10-volume set that outlines the main features of each of Earth's major biomes. The biomes covered include the tundra habitats, the taiga and temperate forests, grasslands of the prairies and the tropical savanna, deserts of the world, tropical forests of the equatorial regions, wetlands of the world, vast oceans, rivers and lakes, and a manmade biome--"agricultural and urban areas. This richly illustrated set provides students with a basic understanding of Earth's biodiversity, the factors that influence it, and the future dangers that face the planet and our species. Each volume provides information about a particular biome's function, resources, and diversity, helping young readers experience the many climates and regions of Earth. Clearly written and easy to use, this comprehensive set provides an excellent overview of the prominent ecosystems of the world.

Presenting the geography, geology, climates, and history of grasslands, this volume offers an introduction to their development and function. Offering an account of the history and future of these areas, this book concludes by emphasizing the necessity of conservation and preservation for these threatened areas.

Informations sur le produit

Titre: Grasslands
Code EAN: 9780816053230
ISBN: 978-0-8160-5323-0
Format: Livre Relié
Age recommandé: 11 à 15 ans
Editeur: Facts On File Inc
Genre: Ecole et didactique
nombre de pages: 288
Poids: 798g
Taille: H243mm x B191mm x T20mm
Année: 2006


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