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This textbook arms the reader with powerful techniques of Modern TRIZ self-training and real problem solving. It is designed as a ... Lire la suite
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This textbook arms the reader with powerful techniques of Modern TRIZ self-training and real problem solving. It is designed as a simple and efficient, step-by-step crash course in primary TRIZ models based on the author's methods of extraction and reinvention, or retrieval of invention models from any real-life objects. Special content addresses the psychological support of the person during problem solving and promotion of the new idea to realization. The book introduces the so-called Theory of Developing the Creative Personality (TDCP), initiated but not completed by Genrikh Altshuller, father of TRIZ and TDCP. The textbook continues to develop a simple standard model presentation of the problem solving process with a four-step Meta-Algorithm of Invention (MAI) T-R-I-Z.


Professor Michael A. Orloff is one of the leading developers of TRIZ in the newest direction Modern TRIZ. He is a founder of the Modern TRIZ Academy (from 2000) in Berlin, Germany, which developed the very first e-course in Modern TRIZ on the platform of new methods in educating as extracting and reinventing. He also teaches "Modern TRIZ" for the Master of Science Program in Global Production Engineering at the Technical University Berlin. Professor Orloff has educated over 5000 specialists over the last 10 years through courses and seminars worldwide.


Part I: How to learn to invent

1 Miracle of Invention
1.1 Five "easy" tasks to warm-up
1.2 Secret of the Miracle
1.3 Everyone Is an Inventor!
1.4 Workshop to Chapter 1
2 Towards the Modern TRIZ
2.1 TRIZ
2.2 A-Studio of Modern TRIZ
2.3 MTRIZ-herbie!
2.4 Workshop to Chapter 2
3 TRIZ Algorithms of Invention
3.1 Prior to TRIZ: Meta-Algorithm of Brainstorming
3.2 Meta-Algorithm of Invention ARIZ-1956
3.3 Meta-Algorithm of Invention T-R-I-Z (MAI T-R-I-Z 1995)
3.4 Workshop to Chapter 3
4 Modeling the Problem
4.1 Contradictions
4.2 Standard Contradiction (SC)
4.3 Radical Contradiction (RC)
4.4 Contradiction as an Attribute of Development
4.5 Workshop to Chapter 4
5 Extracting
5.1 Efficient Models in Each Artifact
5.2 Extracting as Key Teaching and Training Method in MTRIZ
5.3 Primary and Advanced Extracting
5.4 Workshop to Chapter 5
6 Inventing
6.1 Algorithm START T-R-I-Z (TM)
6.2 Solving to Standard Contradiction with Method BICO
6.3 Solving to Radical Contradiction with Method RICO
6.4 Workshop to Chapter 6
7 Reinventing
7.1 Reinventing as Fundamental Teaching and Training Method
7.2 Key Practical Procedures of Reinventing
7.3 Science and Art of Reinventing
7.4 Workshop to Chapter 7
8 Answers to Tests
Chapters 1 - 3
Chapter 4. Modeling the problem<
Chapter 5. Extracting
Chapter 6. Inventing
9 Extra Reference Materials
9.1 List of 39 Plus- and Minus-factors of A-matrix
9.2 Table of A-matrix
9.3 List of 40 navigators (specialized transformation models)
9.4 As-catalogue (text)
9.5 As-catalogue (with extracting and reinventing)
9.6 Af-catalogue (with reinventing)
Part II: How to become a genius
TRIZonal Concept
On the effectiveness of our skills
1 Operative Zone
1.1 Reinventing of Operative Zone (OZ)
1.1.1 Definition of OZ
1.1.2 Reinventing with MAI T-R-I-Z
1.2 Transformation of OZ
1.2.1 Actors of OZ
1.2.2 Resources of OZ
1.2.3 Ideal Target Modeling
1.3 OZ makes this itself
1.3.1 Altshuller's Experiment-1: Girl's Brilliant Solution!
1.3.2 Altshuller's Experiment-2: Boy's Brilliant Solution!
1.3.3 Moscow Kremlin Stars: Turn Harm into Good!
1.3.4 Memories of the Future: This is da Vinci!
1.3.5 Does Sir Norman Foster like da Vinci also?
1.3.6 Water from Air: The Magic Particles in OZ.
1.4 Workshop
2 Directed System Development
2.1 System Development and Evolution
2.1.1 TRIZ Laws
2.1.2 String "Rail Sky Way"
2.2 Transfer of Experience
2.2.1 We learn by example: Exemplis Discimus
2.2.2 Professional Specialization
2.2.3 The Nature Invents!
2.3 Advanced Reinventing Cases
2.3.1 Originated from SIEMENS
2.3.2 Per Aspera Ad Astra
2.3.3 Per Aspera Ad Orbis
2.3.4 Let's do it!
3 The Origins of Creative Personality
3.1 Josef von Fraunhofer
3.2 Werner von Siemens
3.3 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
3.4 Jacob Perelman
3.5 Genrikh Altshuller
3.6 Steve Jobs
3.7 Richard Branson
3.8 Anatoly Yunitskiy
3.9 It's Your Choice!
4 Reference Materials
4.1 Prompts to solve some tasks
4.2 List of plus- and minus-factors
4.3 Table of A-matrix
4.4 List of 40 navigators (specialized transformation models)
4.5 Table of As-catalogue
4.6 Afs-catalogue (simplified)
4.7 Af-catalogue (simplified)
Part II: Primary Instruments
2 Invention is a look in depth
3 Mentality levels at idea generating
4 Directed solving to problem with TRIZ
5 System tendency to ideality
6 Limitation of main system characteristic
7 Breakthrough of main system characteristic
8 Levels of invention<
9 Invention complexity
10 Meta-Algorithm of Invention T-R-I-Z (MAI T-R-I-Z 1995)
11 Modern TRIZ: Standardization of Training, Practice and Problem Solving on the Basis of MAI T-R-I-Z
12 Reinventing on the base of MAI T-R-I-Z
13 Inventing on the base of MAI T-R-I-Z
14 Standard Contradiction
15 Radical Contradiction
16 START: Simplest TRIZ-Algorithm of Resourceful Thinking
16.1 START: integrated scheme
16.2 START-pass through Standard Contradiction
16.3 START-pass through Radical Contradiction
17 Operative zone
18 Resources
19 Resolving of Standard Contradiction on the method BICO (Binary In Cluster Out)
20. Example "Swimmer" (reinventing)
21 A-matrix
21.1 List of 39 Plus- and Minus-factors
21.2 Table of A-matrix
22 As-catalogue
22.1 List of 40 navigators (specialized transformation models)
22.2 Table of As-catalogue
22.3 As-catalogue with brief examples
23 Resolving of Radical Contradiction on the method RICO
(Radical In Cluster Out)
24 Example "Diver" (reinventing)
24.1 Solution-pass through Standard Contradiction
24.2 Solution-pass through Radical Contradiction
25 Afs-catalogue
26 Af-catalogue for 4 fundamental models with examples
27 Simple form for Extracting-1
28 Examples at form of Extracting-1
29 "START-form" for reinventing
30 Example "Ice for a Drink" at "START-form"
31 Brief Junior-form for Extracting & Reinventing
32 Example "Fischer' Dowel" at brief Junior-form
33 "Junior-form" for reinventing (two pages)
34 Example "Leonardo da Vinci's Bridge" at "Junior-form"

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