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A Sinner's Walk with God

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Michael Morgan was born on August 8, 1959 in Biloxi, MS. His formative years were spent in the quaint town of Long Beach, MS, loc... Lire la suite
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Michael Morgan was born on August 8, 1959 in Biloxi, MS. His formative years were spent in the quaint town of Long Beach, MS, located on the Gulf of Mexico. Growing up in a small town has advantages and challenges. Entering into the teen years for Michael was a pivotal time. Who knows why the seeds of doubt creep in and take hold. Success can be shadowed by unrealistic expectation of talent or manhood. Sadly, masking the questions takes its toll, and at 15 marijuana became an escape. By high school graduation future aspirations became distant whispers. Procrastination is a soothing lie. Attention of others, too often in the wrong places and desires, created a spiral. Recreational drugs, casual sex, the voices reminding of half-hearted attempts in most things, all piled on. Two failed marriages and less than positive parenting are the products of self-loathing. When someone dear expressed little importance of a proud life achievement, survival was only by instinct. In 2000 all progressively came crashing down. Finally on September 13, 2000 Michael truly surrendered to a 9 year gambling addiction. Not long thereafter still depressed, despondent, loathing self and life; Jesus's voice was finally heard. On November 26, 2000 @ 3:43 p.m. Michael gave his life to Jesus, sitting in his truck off to the side of I-15 south of Las Vegas, NV. His life changed from that moment on. He found love of self through the eyes of Christ. The next few years brought miraculous blessings; re-marriage to his second wife, family regained, debts paid, leadership within their church family. There is no sin too great for His forgiveness. Michael desires to share God's love and desire to forgive, with his story. After 16 years walking with the Lord, Michael and Julie are in the beginnings of, A Sinner's Walk with God Ministry. The vision God gave Michael on December 22, 2016 was to share his testimony of how we are loved equally by God, regardless of what avenue you serve God in. Though relevant to all, Michael's message is pointed at men and the lies they are told about; what a man is, who we are to be as Men of God, and about the false perceptions heaped on all, even within the sanctuary walls. We must heal the church (family), if we are to best serve those in need, of love and Christ.

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If you feel, as I once did, that God has forgotten you or that your transgressions are too terrible for Him to forgive, let me share a bit of my life with you, how I wandered aimlessly, feeling unloved and worthless, for twenty-five years of my life. I am no preacher or ordained man of God. What I have to share with you is how Christ saved and healed me from a wasted life. God loves you more than you realize and is not floating on a cloud, laughing at you or waiting to condemn you. God forgave my many terrible sins, and He is just waiting for you to let Him forgive and heal you.

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Titre: A Sinner's Walk with God
Code EAN: 9781449741563
ISBN: 1449741568
Format: Livre Relié
nombre de pages: 114
Poids: 284g
Taille: H216mm x B140mm x T9mm
Année: 2012


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