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The War Power in an Age of Terrorism

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This book features a lively debate between two prominent scholars-Michael A. Genovese and David Gray Adler-on the critical issue o... Lire la suite
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This book features a lively debate between two prominent scholars-Michael A. Genovese and David Gray Adler-on the critical issue of whether the Constitution, written in the 18th Century, remains adequate to the national security challenges of our time. The question of the scope of the president's constitutional authority-if any-to initiate war on behalf of the American people, long the subject of heated debate in the corridors of power and the groves of academe, has become an issue of surpassing importance for a nation confronted by existential threats in an Age of Terrorism. This question should be thoroughly reviewed and debated by members of Congress, and considered by all Americans before they are asked to go to war. If the constitutional allocation of powers on matters of war and peace is outdated, what changes should be made? Is there a need to increase presidential power? What role should Congress play in the war on terror?


Michael A. Genovese is Associate Professor of Political Science, and President, World Policy Institute, Loyola Marymount University, USA. He has written over forty books, including Leadership Matters (2012, with Thomas E. Cronin). His articles and reviews have appeared in the American Political Science Review, The Times Literary Supplement, Public Opinion Quarterly, Presidential Studies Quarterly, White House Studies, The Journal of Leadership Studies, and elsewhere.
David Gray Adler is President of The Alturas Institute, USA, and has previously taught at Idaho State University, USA, held the McClure Professorship at the University of Idaho, USA, where he taught courses on the Constitution in the College of Law, and the Andrus Professorship at Boise State University, USA. Adler's books and writings have been cited by the US Supreme Court, and by lawyers in the White House, the State Department, and members of Congress. His articles and reviews have appeared in the American Political Science Review, Political Science Quarterly and distinguished law reviews.


Chapter I War and American Democracy
Michael A. Genovese
The Predicate
The Problem
Taming the American Prince
Inventing a Presidency
Defending the Constitution
The Ratification Debates
The Rise of Presidential Power
Early Practice: The War Powers in Action
9/11: Everything Changed
Inter Arma Evin Silent, or, Full Circle and the Return of the King
Revolution in Policy
Things Change
The Presidency, Foreign Policy, and War
The Power of Context
Chapter II Prescriptions for a New Age
What to Do?
Constitutional Change
Old Wine in New Bottles Just Won't Do: Rethinking the War Powers in an Age of Terrorism
Political Changes
Presidential Power in a Dangerous Age
Is the Presidency Safe for Democracy?
Chapter III The Relevance of the War Clause
David Gray Adler
The War Clause and the Rule of Law 80
Constitutional Arrangement for War Remains Adequate 87
Background on the Constitution and National Security 93
The Claim: Plenary Executive Power in Foreign Affairs 98
The Claim: Unilateral Presidential Power to Use Force 101
The War Clause and Commander in Chief in Context 102
The Claim: The Commander in Chief May Initiate War 116
The Claim: The Vesting Clause Confers Presidential War Power 120
The Claim: Presidential Prerogative and War Making 122
The Claim: The War Clause is Obsolete 123
The Claim: Presidential Information Justifies War Making 131
Chapter IV. Prescriptions for Protecting Constitutional Design for War 134
Conclusions 137
Index 140

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Titre: The War Power in an Age of Terrorism
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Année: 2017
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