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Early Social Interaction

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"When a young child begins to engage in everyday interaction, she has to acquire competencies that allow her to be oriented to the... Lire la suite
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"When a young child begins to engage in everyday interaction, she has to acquire competencies that allow her to be oriented to the conventions that inform talk-in-interaction and, at the same time, deal with emotional or affective dimensions of experience. The theoretical positions associated with these domains - social action and emotion - provide very different accounts of human development and this book examines why this is the case. Through a longitudinal video-recorded study of one child learning how to talk, Michael Forrester develops proposals that rest upon a comparison of two perspectives on everyday parent-child interaction taken from the same data corpus - one informed by conversation analysis and ethnomethodology, the other by psychoanalytic developmental psychology. Ultimately, what is significant for attaining membership within any culture is gradually being able to display an orientation towards both domains - doing and feeling, or social action and affect"--


Michael A. Forrester is a Reader in Psychology at the University of Kent. His academic interests are in child development and language and, particularly, children's developing conversational skills.

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This book considers how a young child becomes a member of culture through the practices and procedures of everyday conversation.

Using an in-depth case-study approach, this book documents how one child learns how to talk and begins to deal with emotional experience. Through examining web-linked resources readers can evaluate the proposal that learning the skills of conversation and learning what to repress are equally important during the early years.


1. Introduction; 2. Developmental pragmatics and conversation analysis; 3. Child-focused conversation analysis; 4. A psychoanalytic reading of early social relations; 5. Repression and displacement in everyday talk-in-interaction; 6. Research practices and methodological objects; 7. Learning how to repair; 8. Learning what not to say: repression and interactive vertigo; 9. A question of answering; 10. Interaction and the transitional space; 11. Self-positioning, membership and participation; 12. Discourses of the self and early social relations; 13. Social practice and psychological affect.

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Titre: Early Social Interaction
Sous-titre: A Case Comparison of Developmental Pragmatics Psychoanalytic Theory
Code EAN: 9781107044685
ISBN: 978-1-107-04468-5
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Lingenbrink Georg
Genre: Psychologie
nombre de pages: 301
Poids: 550g
Taille: H228mm x B152mm x T20mm
Année: 2014


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