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Desktop Witness

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Most computer users are ignorant of the tracks, trails, and traces they leave behind when they use their computer. This book detai... Lire la suite
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Most computer users are ignorant of the tracks, trails, and traces they leave behind when they use their computer. This book details the ways in which computer and online privacy can be compromised and gives practical guidance on how to prevent private information from being accessible or retrievable by outside parties or agencies.

"...Desktop Witness is a wake-up call to all computer users, and certainly essential reading for anyone travelling to unfamiliar countries...In this case, if you don't read it, you could well regret it..." (New Scientist, 22 June 2002)

MICHAEL A. CALOYANNIDES is a Senior Fellow at Mitretek Systems,Virginia, USA. He is an expert in the fields of information assurance, network security, computer forensics and other related security areas.

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Do you trust your computer? You shouldn't. Personal computers are now part of the furniture in homes around the world. We use them for generating, storing and communicating documents and images; we talk to friends and family via email and surf the Web without giving too much thought to the security of our personal information. Unfortunately hacking and computer security are issues which affect all computer users, not just big corporations. What is a desktop witness? Your computer stores a record of every document you create, every e-mail you write or receive, which sites you visit on the Internet, even attachments which you don't open. An unattended computer may reveal your secrets if you leave security vulnerabilities unattended to. It may 'let in' outsiders through your IR port. It 'whispers' behind your back when you are online. Detectable radiation gives away the contents of your screen. Eavesdroppers can hear conversations through your microphone. Your computer remembers everything. What can you do? This straight-talking guide, with its easy-to-follow instructions will enable you to regain control and protect your personal information. It will show you the virtues of computer-anonymity, by making you aware of what might motivate people to access your computer in the first place, and it will help you free-up valuable memory by showing you how to really delete the files your computer stores without your knowledge. A valuable read for any computer user and absolutely essential for any individual, company or practice with information to protect.

Dieser Band behandelt alle wichtigen Wege, auf denen der Datenschutz in Computern und Netzwerken verletzt werden kann und erläutert, wie man private Daten sicher vor dem Zugriff Dritter schützen kann. Ein Thema, das im Zeitalter des Internet die meisten Computerbesitzer interessieren wird! Behandelt werden Angriffe auf E-Mails und über Web-Browser, das Erstellen von Benutzerprofilen beim elektronischen Einkauf und andere spezielle Themen. Der Autor erklärt, welche Informationen von einem Computer abgerufen werden können und wo man sensible Daten aufbewahren sollte. In Anhängen finden Sie technische Details von Software zum Schutz von Computern, zur Überwindung solcher Barrieren, zur Verschlüsselung und zur Tastaturüberwachung.

Preface Acknowledgment The Need is Very Real: Author's Perspective So You Want to Encrypt: Don't Hurt Your Own Interests by Doing So Protect What and From Whom? The Answer Determines What You Should and Should Not Do Effective Protection for Computers Not Connected to Networks Effective Protection for Computers Connected to the Internet or other Networks Encrypted Telephony Legal Issues In Conclusion Appendices Glossary Index

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Titre: Desktop Witness
Code EAN: 9780471486572
ISBN: 978-0-471-48657-2
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Wiley
Genre: Réseaux
nombre de pages: 384
Poids: 690g
Taille: H235mm x B188mm x T23mm
Année: 2002
Auflage: 1. Auflage


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