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Creativity Unlimited

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Creativity is not about taking chances, it is about ascertaining success. In Creativity Unlimited , you will learn that creativity... Lire la suite
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Creativity is not about taking chances, it is about ascertaining success. In Creativity Unlimited , you will learn that creativity is not about being crazy, and that creative breakthroughs are not exceptions to the rule. The rule is that creativity leads to success.

"It's welcome relief to come across a book on innovation that isn't full of whacky images and exclamation marks." (Management Today, November 2008) "...rewarding...should inspire new innovators and help those already engaged in the process to pick a path through the obstacles." (Independent, November 4th 2008)

Micael Dahlén is a Professor of Business Administration and Marketing Strategy at the Stockholm School of Economics. His award-winning research within marketing, creativity and consumer behaviour has been published in four books and numerous journal articles. His work is used in various educations in Europe, Asia and the United States, and he lectures and workshops frequently in the industry.

Acknowledgements 1 Why this book? Part I: It's About Success 2 Why creativity? 3 Are you creative? 4 Why is creativity so important? 5 Isn't creativity dangerous? Part II: Think Inside the Box 6 What is creativity? 7 The creative result 8 The creative process 9 The creative person 10 Thinking inside the box Part III: Expanding the Box 11 The four walls of the box 12 The first wall: conventions and rules 13 The second wall: common sense 14 The third wall: physiology 15 The fourth wall: consciousness 16 Correct answers Part IV: Filling the Box 17 There's no such thing as 'useless' knowledge 18 The brain is lazy 19 The power in brands 20 Associations 21 The context rules Part V: Shaking the Box 22 Preparations for the final step 23 Shaking the box side to side 24 Shaking the box up and down Part VI: Congratulations: You've Become Smarter 25 Are you a creative business innovator? References Index

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Titre: Creativity Unlimited
Code EAN: 9780470770849
ISBN: 978-0-470-77084-9
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Genre: Publicité et marketing
nombre de pages: 376
Poids: 570g
Taille: H175mm x B186mm x T9mm
Année: 2008
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