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Collected Essays Of Rudolf Eucken

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Texte du rabat Text extracted from opening pages of book: COLLECTED ESSAYS OF RUDOLF EUCKEN PROFESSOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN THE UNIVERS... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

Text extracted from opening pages of book: COLLECTED ESSAYS OF RUDOLF EUCKEN PROFESSOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF JENA: NOBEL PRIZEMAN 1908 EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY MEYRICK BOOTH, B. Sc., Ph. D. ( Jena) AUTHOR OF RUDOLF EUCKEN: WITH A PORTRAIT OF THE AUTHOR NEW YORK CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS 597-599 FIFTH AVENUE 1914 A s ( All rights mmed) EDITOR'S PBEFACE WITH three exceptions ( The Statiis of Eeligion in Germany, Are the Germans still TJiinkers ? and Tlie Problem of Immortality for the translation of which I am not responsible) the essays included in this volume have not hitherto appeared in English. The lighter and more popular articles in the early portion will be found to throw a variety of interesting sidelights on the philosophy of Rudolf Eucken; while the heavier essays provide a material addition to our knowledge of the distinguished thinker's work. In spite of the diversity of its contents this work acquires a certain unity by virtue of the convictions which permeate the whole. As is well known, Professor Eucken 's Activism is based upon the recognition of an independent spiritual life ( Geistes leben) as the ultimate basis of the whole of reality, and as the sole principle capable of explaining the sum of our human experience. This life sustains the entire structure of the universe, from inanimate matter up to the highest manifestations of man's intelligence and personality. Logic, mathematics, science, art, law, morality and religion are all modes of manifestation of this central life. Man is essentially a spiritual being, and a partaker in the originative and eternal reality; yet at the same time he is largely immersed in the life of nature ( which is looked upon asa lower and unevolved stage of reality), and in order to realise his own being he must endeavour to ascend towards the higher levels of reality. But this cannot be done without effort and activity, without a pressing forward and an overcoming of resistance. Hence the term Activism. VI EDITOR'S PREFACE All our human faculties intellectual, esthetic, practical, ethical and religious find their only true function in promoting this ascent in the scale of being. Viewed from the standpoint of Eucken's philosophy, human existence is one vast process of the realisation and appropriation of spiritual reality. A unity and a meaning is thus imparted to the whole. All the diffi culties and antitheses of our life ultimately subserve this great purpose. It is of the utmost importance, however, to bear in mind that this process is not automatic. Man's active partici pation is essential to the movement of elevation. Human evolu tion is, no mere unwinding of thread from a reel: it is a creative work in which man is a co-worker. Eucken seeks to bring into the apparently almost hopeless chaos of modern life and thought a positive, unifying meta physical principle a principle that embraces all the different departments of human life and interest, scientific and religious, practical and theoretical, artistic and moral, and endeavours to assign to each its function in the task of the whole. It will be found that all the following essays are inspired and connected by the central convictions thus imperfectly sketched. The historical contributions are not mere records of past opinions. They are animated by a deep conviction that man's intellectual, moral and religious life is an ever-growing and ever deepeningpossession, and that every great and sincere thinker contributes something to the advancement of the whole not withstanding the popular belief that the history of philosophy is a mere record of transitory opinions. The serious student of Eucken will do well, I think, to read with especial care the two essays dealing with Goethe and with Concepts ( Nos. XV and XIX). The relationship between the great poet's ideas and the philosophy of Activism is very inti mate, despite important differences; and the treatment of Ooethe's thought in this essay throws a very valu

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Titre: Collected Essays Of Rudolf Eucken
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