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The Week-End Book

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Texte du rabat THE WEEK-END BOOK -- PREFACE -- P. vii POEMS FIRST LINES P. ix INDEX OF SONGS P. xvii LIST OF POETS P. xix GREAT PO... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

THE WEEK-END BOOK -- PREFACE -- P. vii POEMS FIRST LINES P. ix INDEX OF SONGS P. xvii LIST OF POETS P. xix GREAT POEMS P. I HATE POEMS P. 138, STATE POEMS P. 156 EPIGRAMS P. 166 THE ZOO P. 177 SONGS P. 193 GAMES P. 275 TRAVELS WITH A DONKEY P. 293 PERPETUAL KALENDAR P. 305 BIRD SONG AT MORNING p. 308 STARSHINE AT NIGHT P. 328 ARCHITECTURE P. 342 ON FOOD AND DRINK P. 353 THE LAW AND HOW YOU BREAK IT P. 366 FIRST AID IN DIVERS CRISES P. 377 A LIST OF GREAT POEMS NOT IN THIS BOOK P. 388 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT P. 391 M E - PREFACE - THE WEEK-END BOOK explains itself. A preface can but italicise the anthological principles of the editors. The first of these is the axiom that there are no good anthologies, always excepting the one which every man would like to make himself-with a newly revised, abridged and amplified edition every five years or so. We have accordingly attempted to meet every man halfway and to compile a book of clues to good life and reading for week-end pairs and parties, which each in his fashion may follow up. We repeat now with much greater confidence the hope we formerly expressed that the poeuy sections of this book will, in themain, satisfy the Georgian version of the Open Road public. For, after all, there is a consensus of opinion between generations, called taste not to speak of fashion, that even closer coincidence of appreciation within generations. As it is designed to supplement and balance the Oxford Book of English Verse carried in the opposite pocket we have sought out the less familiar of the great poems, poets and periods. The anthology pieces of any author have been avoided wherever there is a worthy alternative. Shakespeare and the Romantics are charilypresented, the Augustans not at all. The poetry of the seventeenth century, which school text-books most inadequately present, and that of the twentieth century, which older anthologies perforce ignore, is most amply represented. The section of GREAT POEMS is arranged in chronological order and takes no account of subjects. Love poetry and Nature poetry must take so large a place in any general collection of great poems that lovers and landlovers need no separate provision. But some pleasant and some poignant verse sprung from the mood of Hate has been grouped together for the specific enjoyment of that almost as widely felt emotion. The State poems need no comment. They provide an outlet for yet another mood, not uncommon in hours of sociable relaxation. A section of Epigrams provides a c6llection of poems which, left out from the run of anthologies because of their scale or subject, well deserve a place for their combination of brevity with beauty or wit. The Zoo should appeal to the collectors temperament. Those who take up the pleasant hobby of zoological literature will h d material among the poets for building a handsome collection around this nuclear section. We have once more printed the titles, first lines and authors only, of those great poems which bur pastors and masters in infancy and our poetic enthusiasms in adolescence have already made sufficiently, if not excessively, familiar, The SONGS are ransacked from d ages, countries and moods, the only unity observed by the compiler being that of fitness for purpose-the sociable week-enders purpose. They are some of the best available tunes for unaccompanied chorus singing, only occasionally and effectively to be varied by asolo and chorus rendering. Moreover, they are all folk-songs, iu the spirit of the word-and the letter too if, as we may fairly contend, the term covers such newer equivalents as shanties, spirituals and soldierss songs...

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Titre: The Week-End Book
Code EAN: 9781408633694
ISBN: 1408633698
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Poésie et théâtre
nombre de pages: 412
Poids: 522g
Taille: H216mm x B140mm x T24mm
Année: 2007


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