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Methods in Ring Theory

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Antwerp, Belgium, August 2-12, 1983Texte du rabat Proceedings of the NATO Advanc... Lire la suite
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Antwerp, Belgium, August 2-12, 1983

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Antwerp, Belgium, August 2-12, 1983


R-Prüfer Rings and Approximation Theorems.- Certain Artinian Lattices Are Noetherian. Applications to the Relative Hopkins-Levitzki Theorem.- A Generalization of Semisimple Modules.- Graded Complete and Graded Henselian Rings.- Cyclic Classes in Relative Brauer Groups.- Simple Noetherian Non-Matrix Rings.- Group-Gradings of Categories.- Brauer Groups of Homogeneous Spaces I.- Simple Submodules in a Finite Direct Sum of Uniform Modules.- Functors of Graded Rings.- Sur une Classe d'Algèbres Filtrées.- Some Special Class of Artin Rings of Finite Type.- Group Rings and Maximal Orders.- A Note on Infinite Torsion Primes of a Commutative Ring.- Applications of Kummer Theory Without Roots of Unity.- The Index of Nility of a Matrix Ring Over a Ring With Bounded Index.- On Algebraic Derivations of Prime Rings.- Smooth Maximal Orders in Quaternion Algebras I.- Group Rings and Division Rings.- On Free Subobjects of Skew Fields.- Herstein's Lie and Jordan Theory Revisited.- Divisorially Graded Orders in a Simple Artinian Ring.- ? -Injective Modules and QF-3 Endomorphism Rings.- Group Actions on Rings: Some Classical Problems.- Links Between Maximal Ideals in Bounded Noetherian Prime Rings of Krull Dimension One.- Noetherian Subrings of Quotient Rings.- Stability Conditions for Cummutative Rings with Krull Dimension.- Cancellative Group-Graded Rings.- The Automorphism Group of a Polynomial Algebra.- Auslander-Reiten Quivers for Some Artinian Torsion Theories and Integral Representations.- Automorphisms and Isomorphisms of Integral Group Rings of Finite Groups.- Self-Injective Dimension of Serial Rings.- Smooth Affine PI Algebras.- Questions on Skew Fields.- Torsion Units in Group Rings.- On the Length of Decompositions of Central Simple Algebras in Tensor Products of Symbols.- A Duality Theorem for Hopf Algebras.- Note on Central Class Groups of Orders Over Krull Domains.- On the Picard Group of a Quasi-Affine Scheme.- Duality Theory for Quasi-Injective Modules.- List of Participants.

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Titre: Methods in Ring Theory
Code EAN: 9789027717436
ISBN: 9027717435
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nombre de pages: 588
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Année: 1984
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