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Methods in Proteome and Protein Analysis

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Following the succesful publication of "Proteome and Protein Analysis" in 2000, which was based on a former MPSA (Methods in Prote... Lire la suite
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Following the succesful publication of "Proteome and Protein Analysis" in 2000, which was based on a former MPSA (Methods in Protein Structure Analysis) conference, Methods in Proteome and Protein Analysis presents the most interesting papers from the 14th MPSA meeting.Major topics include: protein and peptide sample preparation and separation; new reagent for protein sequence analysis; mass spectrometry in protein research; analysis of posttranslational modification; protein-protein interaction using MALDI-MS; manipulation of genome or functional compositon trap; structure-function correlation study using optical biosensors of microcolorimetrical techniques; structural proteomics as NMR or fluorescence polarization study; the classification and prediction of structure or functional sites; in silico analysis of proteins and proteomes; increasing throughput and data quality for proteomics.


Part I Structural Proteomics 1 Helix-helix packing between transmembrane fragments Mar Orzaez, Francisco J. Taberner, Enrique Perez-Paya and Ismael Mingarro 2 Mobility studies in Proteins by 15N Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Rusticyanin as an example Beatrix Jimenez, Jose Maria Moratal, Mario Piccioli and Antonio Donaire 3 Structure and dynamics of proteins in crowded media: A time-resolved fluorescence polarization study Silvia S. Zorrilla, German Rivas, Maria Pilar Lillo Part II Proteome Analysis 4 Analyses of wheat seed proteome: exploring protein-protein interactions by manipulating genome composition Nazrul Islam and Hisashi Hirano 5 Modification-Specific Proteomic Strategy for Identification of Glycosyl-Phosphatidylinosil Anchored Membrane Proteins Felix Elortza, Leonard J. Foster, Allan Stensballe and Ole Norregaard Jensen Part III Structure-Function Correlations 6 Diocleinae lectins: clues to delineate structure/function correlation Francisca Gallego del Sol, Vania M. Ceccatto, Celso S. Nagano, Frederico B.M.B. Moreno, Alexandre H. Sampaio, Thalles B. Grandgeiro, Benildo S. Canada and Juan J. Calvete 7 The contribution of optical biosensors to the analysis of structure-function relationships in proteins Marc H.V. Van Regenmortel Part IV Protein-Protein Interaction 8 The Use of Protein-Protein Interaction Networks for Genome Wide Protein Function Comparisons and Predictions Christine Brun, Anais Baudot, Alain Guenoche and Bernard Jacq 9 Probing ribosomal proteins, capable of interacting with polyamines Dimitrios L.Kalpaxis, Maria A. Xanplanteri, Iioannis Amarantos, Fotini Leontiadou and Theodora Choli-Papadopoulou 10 Application of Optical Biosensors to Structure-Function Studies on the EGF/EGF Receptor System Edouard C. Nice, Bruno Catimel, Julie A. Rothacker, Nathan Hall, Anthony W. Burgess, Thomas P.J. Garrett, Neil ;. McKern and Colin W. Ward. 11 The functional Interaction Trap: A novel strategy to study specific protein-protein interactions Alok Sharma, Susumu Antoku and Bruce J. Mayer 12 Analysis of protein-protein interaction in complex biological samples by MALDI TOF MS. Feasility and use of the Intensity-fading (IF-) approach. Josep Villanueva, Oscar Yanes, Enrique Querol, Luis Serrano and Francesc X. Aviles Part V Advanced Technologies 13 Accelerator Mass Spectrometry in Protein Research John S. Vogel, Darren J. Hillegonds, Magnus Palmblad, Patrick G. Grand and Graham Bench 14 The use microcalorimetric techniques to study the structure and function of the transferrin receptor from Neisseria meningitidis Tino Krell and Genevieve Renauld-Mongenie 15 The quantitative advantages of an internal standard in multiplexing 2D electrophoresis John Prime, Andrew Alban, Edward Hawkins and Barry Hughes 16 Genetic engineering of bacterial and eukaryotic ribosomal proteins for investigation on elongation arrest of nascent polypeptides and cell differentiation Fotini Leontiadou, Christina Matragou, Philippos Kotakis, Dimitrios L. Kalpakis, Ioanis Vizirianakis, Sofia Kouidou, Asterios Tsifsoglou and Theodora Choli-Papadopoulou 17 MALDI-MS Analysis of Peptides Modified Photolabile Arylazido Groups William Low, James Kang, Michael DiGriccio, Dean Kirby, Marilyn Perrin and Wolfgang H. Fischer Part VI Protein Sequencing and Amino Acids Analysis 18 A New Edman-Type Reagent for High Sensitive Protein Sequencing Christian Wurzel, Barbara zu Lynar, Christoph Radeke, Ralf Krüger, Michael Karas and Brigitte Wittmann-Liebold 19 Amino acid sequencing of

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