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Methods in Pharmacology

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In the years since Homer Smith did his pioneering work in renal physiology, interest in the kidney has grown steadily and robustly... Lire la suite
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In the years since Homer Smith did his pioneering work in renal physiology, interest in the kidney has grown steadily and robustly. That this wondrously designed machine-in addition to its filtering, secreting, and reabsorptive functions-can serve as an important endocrine organ has made it the investiga tive concern of researchers from a variety of disciplines. Not surprisingly in this era of molecular biology, attempts have been made to understand the orderly functions of the kidney in biochemical and molecular terms, and this has led to the steady entry of renal physiologists and pharmacologists into these areas. Because renal physiology is the foundation on which renal pharmacology is based, this volume has been directed toward describing and interpreting the interrelationships of these two disciplines and their relation to the biochemistry and biophysics of the kidney. Accordingly, extensive critical discussions of the current knowledge of mechanisms affected by pharmacological agents, in addition to descriptions of methods, have been included herein. Not acciden tally, stress is placed on the physiological, pharmacological, and biochemical effect of diuretics. In a specific sense the drugs in this group are true "renal drugs." The scope of the material included on diuretics is wide enough that this book should be of value to almost anyone involved in their use, from the clinician to the cell biologist.


I Bicarbonate.- 1 Determination of Renal Bicarbonate Reabsorption by Micropuncture.- II Diuretics.- 2 The Use of the Isolated Tubule Preparation for the Investigation of Diuretics.- 3 Study of Renal Action of Diuretics by Micropuncture Techniques.- 4 The Use of Clearance Methods for the Determination of Sites of Action of Diuretics in the Kidney.- 5 Effects of Diuretics on Renal Transport of Potassium.- III Metabolism.- 6 The Effect of Diuretics on Kidney Intermediary Metabolism.- 7 Renal ATPase as a Receptor for Drugs Acting on the Kidney.- 8 Interactions between Vitamin D and the Kidney.- 9 Drugs Affecting the Renal Handling of Uric Acid.- 10 Drugs and Other Agents Affecting the Renal Adenylate Cyclase System.- IV Organic Acid.- 11 Proximal Tubular Transport and Renal Metabolism of Organic Cations and Catechol.- 12 The Renal Excretion of Drugs.

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Titre: Methods in Pharmacology
Code EAN: 9781461588931
ISBN: 1461588936
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Médecine
nombre de pages: 400
Poids: 686g
Taille: H244mm x B170mm x T21mm
Année: 2012
Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1976


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