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Methodology and Software for Interactive Decision Support

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These Proceedings report the scientific results of an International Workshop on Methodology and Software for Interactive Decision ... Lire la suite
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These Proceedings report the scientific results of an International Workshop on Methodology and Software for Interactive Decision Support organized jointly by the System and Decision Sciences Program of the International Institute for Applied Sys tems Analysis (nASA, located in Laxenburg, Austria) and The National Committee for Applied Systems Analysis and Management in Bulgaria. Several other Bulgarian institutions sponsored the Workshop - The Committee for Science to the Council of Ministers, The State Committee for Research and Technology and The Bulgarian In dustrial Association. The workshop was held in Albena, on the Black Sea coast. More than 80 scientists from 15 countries attended the workshop; 50 lectures were presented and 17 computer demonstration sessions took place. This Workshop is one of a series of meetings organized by nASA with the collaboration of scientific institutions from the National Member Organization countries. The previous meetings took place in Austria (1983), Hungary (1984) and the German Democratic Republic (1985). All proceedings of these meetings have been published by Springer Verlag in the series Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems.

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This book presents the recent developments in methodology, theory, software and implementation of Decision Support Systems. This includes: - Theory and algorithms for multiple criteria optimization with such topics dicussed, like multiple criteria optimization in hierarchical systems, relations between simulation and gaming for conflict resolution, sensitivity and trade-offs analysis in multiobjective programming. - Theory, methodology and software for decision support systems with such topics discussed like the principles of building Decision Support Systems as well as software tools for building such systems supporting certain classes of decision problems are presented. - Applications of Decision Support Systems and computer implementations of decision support systems. This includes experience in applying DSS for industry management, bank management, water system management.


1 Theory and Algorithms for Multiple Criteria Optimization.- Approximational Approach to Multicriteria Problems.- About Some Applications of a Special Fuzzy-Concept of Efficiency in Multicriteria Decision-Making.- Safety Principle in Multiobjective Decision Support in the Decision Space Defined by Availability of Resources.- Multicriteria Game Models and Negotiation Processes.- On the Class of Dynamic Multicriteria Problems in the Design of Experiments.- Methodology of Hierarchical Multiobjective Optimization and its Use in the Planning of Agricultural Development.- Algorithm for Bicriteria Combinatorial Optimization Problems.- Dynamic Control Problems with Many Decision Makers.- Generalized Reachable Sets Method in Multiple Criteria Problems.- Analysis of Methods for Multicriterial Estimation and Choice for Discrete Problems with a Finite Set of Alternatives.- Two-Person Finite Games with Nature Participation and without Messages about its Choices.- Sensitivity and Trade-off Analysis in Multiobjective Programming.- Choice of a Subset with Respect to Many Criteria.- Degeneracy in Efficiency Testing in Bicriteria Integer Programming.- Trends in Interactive Multiple Objective Programming.- Optimization in Hierarchical Systems with Multiple Objectives.- Towards Interactive Procedures in Simulation and Gaming: Implications for Multiperson Decision Support.- 2 Theory, Methodology and Software for Decision Support Systems.- An Experimental System Supporting Multiobjective Bargaining Problem.- Methodology for DSS and Expert Systems Development Using Distributed Data Bases.- A Structure of the Interactive Optimization System.- Observations Regarding Choice Behaviour in Interactive Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Environments: An Experimental Investigation.- Solving Dynamic Multicriteria Linear Problems with HYBRID.- Principles of Multi-Stage Selection in Software Development in Decision Support Systems.- Some Aspects of the Integration Between DSS and Knowledge Based Systems.- Methodological Background of the Dynamic Interactive Network Analysis System (DINAS).- A Decision Support System Based on the Job Shop Problem in Real Manufacturing.- DSS for Project Scheduling: A Review of Problems.- Software Engineering Principles in the Building of Decision Support Systems.- Procedure for Multi-Criterial Multi-Expert Decision-Making.- The Design of Interactive Decision Support Systems.- 3a Applications of Decision Support Systems.- Real-Life Applications of Multiple Criteria Decision Making Technology.- A Decision Model for Bank Asset Liability Management via MCDM.- Decision Support System for R&D Management Problems.- Multiobjective Optimization in River Water Quality Management by Means of the DSS REH.- 3b Computer Implementation of Decision Support Systems.- Interactive Decision Support System MICRO-MULCRE.- Software System STRUCTURE.- IOS - Interactive Optimization System.- VIG - A Visual Interactive Approach to Goal Programming.- IAC-DIDAS-N - A Version of Nonlinear DIDAS for an IBM-PC Computer.- DISCRET - Package for Multicriteria Problems with Discrete Alternatives.- DINAS - Dynamic Interactive Network Analysis System.- Nonlinear Model Generator.- MDS - An Interactive System for Multicriteria Evaluation of Alternatives.- IAC-DIDAS-L - Dynamic Interactive Decision Analysis and Support System.- STRUM-COMPA - Problem Structuring Tools.- Software System GENERATOR.- Scientific Management System Based on Object-Oriented Approach.- VCU-TASA - Tolerance Approach to Sensitivity Analysis.

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Titre: Methodology and Software for Interactive Decision Support
Code EAN: 9783540515722
ISBN: 978-3-540-51572-2
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Economie
nombre de pages: 313
Poids: 540g
Taille: H244mm x B244mm
Année: 1989
Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1989


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