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Methodological Reflections on Practice Oriented Theories

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This volume presents a comprehensive overview of methodological issues and empirical methods of practice-oriented research. It exa... Lire la suite
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This volume presents a comprehensive overview of methodological issues and empirical methods of practice-oriented research. It examines questions regarding the scope and boundaries of practice-oriented approaches and practice theory. It discusses the potential advantages and disadvantages of the diversity resulting from the use of these approaches, as well as method and methodology-related issues. The specific questions explored in this volume are: What consequences are linked to the application of a praxeological perspective in empirical research when it comes to the choice of methods? Is there such a thing as an ideal path to follow in praxeological empirical research? What relationship is there between qualitative and quantitative approaches? What differentiates practice-based social research from other perspectives and approaches such as discourse analysis or hermeneutics? The contributions in this book discuss these questions either from a methodological point of view or from a reflective perspective on empirical research practices.


Michael Jonas is a senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Viennä Division Socio-Ecological Transformation. Following a praxeological perspective, he is currently researching social inequality, injustice and unsustainability at a global level. He teaches at several universities.

Beate Littig is a sociologist and Head of the Division Socio-Ecological Transformation Research (SET) at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna. In addition she is a permanent lecturer at the University of Vienna and teaches at international summer schools and workshops. Her research interests are the future of work, social sustainability, practices of change, gender studies and qualitative research methods.

Angela Wroblewski is senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna, Division Socio-Ecological Transformation. Her current research focuses on the analysis of equality policies in academia and employment as well as the development of gender indicators.


Chapter 1. Introduction; Michael Jonas, Beate Littig and Angela Wroblewski.- Part I. Methodologies and Methodological Aspects of Practice Theories.- Chapter 2. Sociology of Social Practices: Theory or Modus Operandi of Empirical Research; Robert Schmidt.- Chapter 3. Practice Theory as a Package of Theory, Methods and Vocabulary: Affordances and Limitations; Davide Nicolini.- Chapter 4. Relationality and Heterogeneity: Transitive Methodology in Practice Theory and Actor-Network Theory; Hilmar Schäfer.- Chapter 5. Conducting Ethnography with a Sensibility for Practice; Michal Sedlacko.- Part II. Conceptualisation of the Individual and of the Body in Practice-Oriented Empirical Research.- Chapter 6. Embodying Practices: The Human Body as a Matter (of Concern) in Social Thought; Jörg Niewöhner and Stefan Beck (+).- Chapter 7. (Re)configuring Actors in Practice; Anna Pichelstorfer.- Chapter 8. White-Collar Bodywork: Practice Centrism and the Materiality of Knowledge Work; Stefan Laube.- Chapter 9. Personal Metrics: Methodological Considerations of a Praxiographical Approach; Marianne de Laet.- Part III. Empirical Practice Theory Oriented Case Studies.- Chapter 10. Beyond the Body's Skin. Describing the Embodiment of Practices; Sophie Merit Müller.- Chapter 11. Making Sense of Noise: Practice-oriented Approach to Sound; Kai Ginkel.- Chapter 12. Combining Methods in Practice-Oriented Research; Beate Littig and Michaela Leitner.- Chapter 13. Understanding Everyday Kitchen Life: Looking of at Performances, into Performances and for Practices; Lydia Martens and Sue Scott.- Chapter 14. Questioning the 'Gold Standard' Thinking in Qualitative Methods from a Practice Theoretical Perspective: Towards Methodological Multiplicity; Bente Halkier.- Chapter 15. Creativity at Work: Methodological Challenges for a Praxeological Research Program; Hannes Krämer.- Chapter 16. How Biologists 'Meet'; Sarah Maria Schönbauer.- Chapter 17. 'Mobile Practices', 'Mobile Methods' and Beyond: Studying Railway Mobility Using Lefebvre's Theory of Space; Silvia Rief.- Chapter 18. Object, Perspectives and Methodology of Praxeological Research; Michael Jonas, Beate Littig, Angela Wroblewski.

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