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Maritime Logistics

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Préface Shares the vast range of experience of its editors and contributors, who are all international experts in the field Dr. Do... Lire la suite
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Shares the vast range of experience of its editors and contributors, who are all international experts in the field


Dr. Dong-Wook Song is Professor of Transport and Logistics, at the Transport Research Institute, Edinburgh Napier University.

Photis Panayides is Associate Professor in Shipping Economics at Cyprus University of Technology.
Panayiotis C Andreou is Assistant Professor of Finance at the Department of Commerce, Finance and Shipping at Cyprus University of Technology.
Alfred Baird is Professor of Maritime Business at Transport Research Institute (TRI), Edinburgh Napier University.
Anthony Beresford is a Professor of Logistics and Transport at Cardiff Business School.
Rickard Bergqvist is Professor of Logistics and Transport Management at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg.
Cimen Karatas Cetin is Assistant Professor in the Maritime Faculty at Dokuz Eylul University.
Claude Comtois is Professor of Geography at the Université de Montréal.
Robert Desrosiers is Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University.
César Ducruet is a Research Fellow at the French National Centre for Scientific Research's (CNRS), research aboratory Géographie-Cités (Sorbonne University).
Katsuhiko Hayashi is Professor in the Faculty of Logistics at Ryutsu Keizai University.
Romuald Lacoste is a researcher specializing in maritime transport within "freight and territories" at an IFSTTAR associate research team in France.
Jasmine Siu Lee Lam is Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University.
Eon-Seong Lee is Lecturer in the Department of Maritime Logistics and Management at the Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania.
Christodoulos Louca is Assistant Professor in Finance at Cyprus University of Technology.
Hyung-Sik Nam is a PhD researcher at the Logistics Research Centre, Heriot-Watt University.
Toshinori Nemoto is Professor in Transport Economics at the Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University.
Theo Notteboom is Professor and President of ITMMA, an institute of the University of Antwerp.
Cecilia Österman is Senior Lecturer in Maritime Science at Kalmar Maritime Academy, Linnaeus University.
Anna-Lisa Osvalder is Professor of Human-Machine Systems in the Department of Product and Production Development at Chalmers University of Technology.
Francesco Parola is Assistant Professor in the Department of Business and Quantitative Studies at the Parthenope University.
Stephen Pettit is Reader at Cardiff Business School of Cardiff University.
Andrea Rosa is an independent transport planning consultant with a background in academia and consultancy.
Violeta Roso is Senior Lecturer in the Division of Logistics and Transportation at Chalmers University of Technology.
Nikolas Valantasis-Kanellos is a doctoral candidate in the School of Management and Languages at Heriot-Watt University.
Albert Veenstra is Professor of International Trade Facilitation and Logistics at the School of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences, Eindhoven Technical University.
Robert Wiedmer is a doctoral candidate in Logistics at the Broad College of Business, Michigan State University.
Su-Han Woo is Associate Professor in the Department of International Logistics at Chung-Ang University.
Funda Yercan is Professor of Maritime Transport and Logistics in the Department of Logistics Management at Gediz University.
Turkay Yildiz is a researcher at Izmir Institute of Technology.

Texte du rabat

Globalisation and the rapid increase in world trade in the past decade have contributed to greater demand for international transport and logistics and, consequently, the expansion of the maritime industry. The dramatic changes in the mode of world trade and cargo transportation make it more important than ever to have a clear understanding of the way in which freight is transported by sea and the role of ports in this exchange. At the cutting edge in its assessment of the industry, Maritime Logistics covers the whole scope of maritime logistics and examines latest logistical developments within the port and shipping industry. With a range of new international contributors, this new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated. There are new chapters on port centric logistics, hinterland logistics and global supply chains, maritime transport and logistics as a trade facilitator, and future trends and developments. Written by a team of international experts with over fifty years' experience in the field, Maritime Logistics provides a truly global perspective. The book covers everything that students of logistics, as well as those working within the industry, need to know about maritime logistics, including shipping lines, containers, tankers, dry bulk, port-centric logistics, and much more.

Learn about the latest logistical knowledge, developments and practices within the maritime industry, and get guidance on shipping lines, containers, tankers and ports.


List of figures
List of tables
Notes on the contributors

Part One Introduction

01 Introduction to maritime logistics
Dong-Wook Song and Photis M Panayides
Outline of the book

02 Maritime transport and logistics as a trade facilitator
Albert W Veenstra
Ports and shipping as facilitators of trade
The practice of international shipping
International trade research and non-tariff barriers
Summary and conclusion

03 International maritime trade and logistics
Funda Yercan and Turkay Yildiz
Logistics and supply chain management
Logistics and transport
Global trade and the maritime industry
Discussion and conclusion

04 Defining maritime logistics and its value
Eon-Seong Lee, Hyung-Sik Nam and Dong-Wook Song
Maritime logistics in concept
Maritime logistics value defined
Strategic significance of maritime logistics value
Concluding remarks

05 Hinterland logistics and global supply chains
Rickard Bergqvist
Conceptual framework
Hinterland transport system design
Hinterland logistics: Strategy
Hinterland logistics: Management
Hinterland logistics and its influence on global supply chains

06 Human elements in maritime logistics
Cecilia Österman and Anna-Lisa Osvalder
The human element in science and theory
Effects on system performance and well-being
Concluding remarks

Part Two Shipping logistics

07 Intermodal freight transport and logistics
Katsuhiko Hayashi and Toshinori Nemoto
Characteristics of intermodal transport
Containerization and intermodal transport
Development of intermodal transport
Combined transport operators and their services
Towards the innovative intermodal transport

08 Developing liner service networks in container shipping
César Ducruet and Theo Notteboom
Introduction: Background on liner shipping
Configuration and design of liner shipping services
Shipping routes, network patterns and port centrality

09 Supply chain integration of shipping companies
Photis M Panayides, Robert Wiedmer, Panayiotis C Andreou and Christodoulos Louca
Supply chain integration in the maritime shipping industry
The impact of supply chain integration on shipping firm performance
Conclusion and further research

10 Logistics strategy in container shipping
Alfred J Baird
Literature review
Container line logistics activities
Liner operator case studies
Strategic groups

11 Tanker shipping logistics
Robert Desrosiers
Transfer components
Contractual relationships
Cargo transfer procedures
Cargo losses

12 Dry bulk shipping logistics
Claude Comtois and Romuald Lacoste
Dry bulk trade
Dry bulk fleet
Economies of dry bulk trade
Principles of dry bulk shipping logistics

Part Three Port logistics

13 Dry ports in concept and practice
Violeta Roso and Andrea Rosa
Intermodality and seaport inland access
Intermodal terminal facilities
The dry port concept
Benefits of dry ports
Dry port examples in Europe

14 Port-centric logistics in concept and practice
Nikolaos Valantasis-Kanellos and Dong-Wook Song
Contemporary business environment of ports
Port-centric logistics in concept
Port-centric logistics in practice

15 Container hub ports in concept and practice
Hyung-Sik Nam and Dong-Wook Song
Logistics hub in perspective
Application of logistics hubs to container ports
Concluding remarks

16 Multinationalizing container ports: Business models and strategies
Francesco Parola
The supply of stevedoring services: Leading players and business models
Container port MNEs: Timeframe and geographic scope of internationalization
Strategies for growth
Concluding remarks

17 Public-private partnerships and port logistics performance
Jasmine Siu Lee Lam, Francesco Parola and Photis M Panayides
The overall development in port PPP
Institutional factors and PPPs: Which impact on port logistics performance?

18 Port and logistics chains: Changes in organizational effectiveness
Cimen Karatas Cetin
Ports and logistics chains
Port authorities in logistics chains
Changes in effectiveness of port organizations

19 Logistics performance of supply chain-oriented ports
Su Han Woo, Stephen Pettit and Anthony Beresford
Review of relevant port literature
Evolution of port research
Supply chains and seaports
Integration of ports in supply chains
Research model and data collection
Empirical analysis and results
Appendix 19.1
Appendix 19.2

Part Four Conclusion

20 Looking ahead

Photis M Panayides and Dong-Wook Song
Topics of investigation and their importance
Outcomes and implications


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