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Shoot the Singer!

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For thousands of years, music has been one of humanity's most essential cultural expressions. This title is a global presentation ... Lire la suite
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For thousands of years, music has been one of humanity's most essential cultural expressions. This title is a global presentation of contemporary cases of music censorship, examining the causes, methods and logic behind contemporary attempts to prevent people from hearing certain kinds of music.


Maria Korpe is a Swedish journalist with longstanding international experience. She is the founder and executive director of Free Muse (Free Musical Expression), the only organization campaigning against the censorship of music worldwide.The contributors are scholars, journalists and the musicians themselves.


Preface - Marie Korpe PART 1: INTRODUCTION 1. What is music censorship? Towards a better understanding of the term - Martin Cloonan 2. Music: A parallel stucture of power - Alenka Barber-Kersovan 3. Music as a useless activity: Conservative interpretations of music in Islam - Jonas Otterbeck PART 2: ASIA 4. Singing in a theocracy: Female Musicians in Iran - Ameneh Yussufzadeh 5. Breaking the silence: Censorship in Afghanistan past and present - John Baily 6. Music for the great leader: Policy and practice in North Korea - Keith Howard 7. Burma: Music under siege - Aung Zaw PART 3: AFRICA 8. Stopping the music: Censorship in apartheid South Africa - Roger Lucey 9. Roger, me and the scorpion: Working for the South African security services during apartheid - Paul Erasmus 10. Encounters with a South-African censor: Confrontation and reconciliation - Ole Reitov 11. Remembering subversion: Resisting censorship in apartheid South Africa - Michael Drewett 12. Playing with fire: Manipulation of music and musicians in Zimbabwe - Banning Eyre 13. Guerilla pop: Matoub Lounes and the struggle for Berber identity in Algeria - Andy Morgan PART 4: THE MIDDLE EAST 14. Defending freedom: Blasphemy trials and censorship in Lebanon - Marcel Khalife 15. Songs of Freedom: Cultural resistance in Palestine - Rania Elias 16. The Sound of Silence: Conformist musicians in Israel - Noam Ben-Zeev PART 4: THE AMERICAS 17. Crash into me, baby: America's implicit music censorship since September 11th - Eric Nuzum 18. Havana and Miami: A music censorship sandwich - Eric Silva Brenneman 19. Mexico: Drug ballads and censorship today - Elijah Wald 20. Responses to censorship in the US: Acquiescence, Withdrawal and Resistance - Ian Inglis PART 5: EUROPE 21. Turkey: censorship past and present - Sanar Yurdatapan 22. French rap - Daniel Brown About the contributors Selected bibliography Index

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Titre: Shoot the Singer!
Sous-titre: Music Censorship Today
Code EAN: 9781842775059
ISBN: 978-1-84277-505-9
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Genre: Musique
nombre de pages: 240
Poids: 445g
Taille: H234mm x B155mm x T14mm
Année: 2004