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The Financial Freedom Guarantee: The 10-Step Award Winning Property Buying System Anyone Can Use to Replace Their Salary, Fire Their Boss, and Never W

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A friend of mine from the media asked me the other day, off the record, how good Marco Robinson really is (in closing deals and he... Lire la suite
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A friend of mine from the media asked me the other day, off the record, how good Marco Robinson really is (in closing deals and helping others to do likewise). I told him without hesitation, 'He really is that good. I'd put him up there with Ziglar, Mandino, Tracy, Girard, and Bettger.' I believe his books will become classics and mandatory reading for anyone who wants to excel in sales and closing deals. -- Immanuel Lim, Discern Publishing House.

Last year when I started to learn from Marco Robinson I was a housewife with little income. In my first month I made $49,000 without breaking a sweat and now I am enjoying income residually every month. I am also the proud owner of a brand new BMW coupe because of what I learned from Marco! It was his advice, sales training, and his mentoring that changed my life completely and made me a rich woman. I really owe him everything! -- Rita Christina Baratharaj

Marco Robinson made me an iron-clad money-back guarantee in October of 2011 that within one year I'd be financially free. That promise was fulfilled in September of 2012, and my life has been fabulously awesome ever since. I became an international property investor and landlord, earning passive rental income from properties on three different continents. I travel on average one week a month and have in the past two years been to Bali (twice), Phuket (twice), Warsaw (twice), Phnom Penh (twice), Bandung (three times), Hat Yai (numerous tines), Koh Lipe, Perth, Melbourne, Budapest, Vienna, Tokyo, Dubai, Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Dusseldorf, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Nuremberg, Augsberg, Birmingham, Nottingham, Cambridge, Canterbury, Whitstable, Singapore (countless times), Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, Seoul, Daegu and Bangkok. All this would not have been possible without the excellent mentorship of my property investing guru Marco Robinson. -- Azlan Adnan

Marco Robinson, you made my dream come true which in turn channelled and opened the gateway to help a lot of others. It was all by believing in me and paving the way to my future success. -- Josie Wachi, Alabama (of Josie Wachi Fashion Jeans)

Marco Robinson, I had the pleasure of meeting him in KL in his office for about 45 minutes. The meeting was arranged by one of his sales licensee in Singapore. In that 45 minutes, the summary was, Know what you want and go all the way! Today I am the vice president of Sales and Marketing at GToken Thanks bro. Your words came at the right time when my vision about where I want to go was blurred! You are God blessed! -- Marcus Maximus

I saw where you were. . .I see where you are. . .phenomenal! You are driven by I don't know what? But you are something else, proud to know you. Respect! -- Michael Sweetmore

Marco. Inspiration and fearless game changer, showing everyone that you can and will be free. So honored to call you my friend. -- Stuart Ockenden

Leader of Leaders. . . Marco Robinson has a complete understanding of creating your own reality! With so many people who "wish" they could be all they could be. . .Marco constantly leads by example in achieving anything he truly wants for himself by walking the talk. He has an amazing ability in being able to conceive it, believe it, and then follow through and achieve it. With an uncanny ability in his own way, pay it forward to show others how they too can create their own reality and be anything they want to, have a deep-rooted inner desire to, achieve. You just need to look at his life as a testament to this. I have always been proud to call Marco not only a colleague, more importantly a close personal friend, who continues to inspire all that choose to accept his advice and teachings with an incredible way of keeping it simple so that anyone can live the life they want to live, while most people only dream. If there were a tag line that I believe suits Marco it would be Nike's ... JUST DO IT! Thanks for the inspiration over the last twelve years of knowing you, even at times when you are not aware of it. I wish you all the success that you have created for yourself as your journey continues and for all those that are fortunate enough to cross your path that want the same for their lives. -- Rob Salyer

I am Marco Robinson's mum and can say honestly say he was intensely focused and driven from young. I used to take him around England every weekend so he could compete in cycle races and could see even then that he would go on to great things. I feel privileged to be his mother and to have the great joy of still being part of his life and watching him grow even further whatever he does. He is the most generous and caring son any mother could wish for and he shares his ideas and good fortune with everyone. An awesome mentor and businessman. Proud mum. -- Yvonne Poirier

Because you have a purpose, and I guess it has to be creating wealth for everyone. Listening to you again and again is very inspiring for me! Thanks for all of the hard work you've done. May God bless you more. Your passion is contagious, it's endemic! -- Khairul Fahmi

Marco Robinson gave me the confidence and knowledge to move my business from the United States to countries all over the world. Previous to meeting him we just dabbled in the international markets. Over the past two years his partnership, knowledge, and amazing network of investors all over the world has helped us reach customers and partnerships we never would have been able to connect with previously. -- Aaron Adams

I wish my school teacher was Marco Robinson when I was a kid back then, so that I could have become one of those young, self-made millionaire in the 90s. You are a great mentor to many, Mr Robinson. Thank you for sharing your priceless knowledge at a fraction of a cost. -- Roger Choo C K

I've known Marco Robinson for almost ten years now. . .in that ten years, there's definitely been up and down for me, but one thing constant and consistent with Marco Robinson, he's a true entrepreneur with brilliant ideas, and the know-how to get there and help you get there. One thing about him that truly inspired me is his ability to manifest and give his best whether it's a good time or bad time for him. Whenever I need business advice, he's there, has never turned me down and he is a great mentor. A true entrepreneur, business mentor, with great vision and passion. -- K.D. Ismalasari

Marco assisted our business to become international and helped us with better articulating to the world, what the opportunity is to invest in Australian emerging Pilbara cities with us. We may have never realized this opportunity if it wasn't for Marco opening our eyes and his inner circle to us, for which we are truly grateful. Marco's bold and encouraging approach to doing life is an inspiration, and will break anyone right out of their comfort zone, leading to far more fun and opportunity. You need to know this fellow! -- Veronica Macpherson

Through his leadership course, Marco has been able to give our people astonishing breakthroughs in knowing themselves and improving their leadership and communication skills. The results speak one word, awesome! There was not a dry eye in all our sessions with Marco, as he managed to touch all our hearts in incredible ways. We have never experienced that kind of breakthrough in any other training we have undergone. Our communication and results have improved immeasurably, and I personally and my team cannot wait to have Marco back! -- Wesley Chuah

Absolutely fantastic, Marco. You deserve it. -- Reza Maleki

So fantastic and much deserved. From humble beginnings to what you have achieved now. The fire, the spirit, generosity and the positivity is awesome and rubs off on everyone. Congratulations with much love. -- Heidi Osfield Kean

I'm very happy to hear that. Marco Robinson, you deserve the award. I have learned a lot from your book and free workshop. Also from your Facebook, I read all the latest updates by you. -- Jagdip Singh

Marco! Marco! Your energy is contagious! A man who is always there to help anyone who wants to succeed. You are a great inspiration! From the humble beginnings when you first came to our land. . . to a man to be reckoned with. Kudos! Thank you for seeing and believing in my vision in workforce empowerment and nudging me! You hosted our launch and that was truly awesome and memorable. Thank you for believing in the impossible! Muuuah. --

You gave me inspiration to leave my comfort zone, to think logically and go ahead with my dreams. Kudos for your great award nomination. Excellent timing! -- SPeed Perry

Marco Robinson, we have worked together for over three years now and from the very beginning your advice and strength hit me like a tornado. Your passion to do better and become whatever it is you dream to become is completely infectious and has helped countless people all over the world make their dreams come true. I am one of those people who have been inspired by your words and most importantly actions and I shall continue to develop, grow, and build my dream life thanks to your help, push, knowledge, and determination to just get out there and do it. You are a crazy monkey like me and I believe strongly that our energies were brought together to create and develop amazing things in our lives and to help and inspire others to do the same. We are now working together on many new projects and it is extremely exciting for me to be a part of your business and it is my honor to always do what I do for you. It is the least I can do to show you my appreciation for the help, guidance, and drive you have shared with me over the last few years. Congratulations on all your upcoming achievements, you do deserve it. Rock 'n roll. -- Carl Graham

This is not just a book you're getting, Marco Robinson's valuable years of experience, techniques and most importantly his mindset of success! If you're looking for ways to achieve breakthroughs in selling, this is the man who understands salesmanship and communication more than anyone else I've ever met, PERIOD! Most books will just teach you the techniques of selling and leave you 'empty' at the end of reading. . .but not so with this book. Not only will you uncover new strategies behind the concept of selling, you will also discover your hidden potential that will lead you to greater business and personal wealth. -- Patric Chan

Whether you're a seasoned salesperson or you're taking your first tentative steps into the dynamic world of selling, when you read this book, know that you're in safe hands. There is something for everyone. When you follow the process Marco Robinson outlines, your results will skyrocket. Marco is a consummate professional, a person of extraordinary ability and someone who is totally passionate about other people's success. Read it and you will be well rewarded. -- Paul Counsel, Ph.D (

I've known Marco Robinson since 2002, when I met him at a seminar. I picked him as my buddy out of over 1,000 people. Why? To this day I'm not sure. I do know that my life has never been quite the same since. I've never met anyone who comes close to Marco when it comes to energy, personality, and persuasive power. In terms of his ability to influence, Marco is simply irresistible! I'm very proud to have been asked to recommend this book, which I believe is destined to take the place amongst the sales classics. I couldn't put it down! The only complaint I have is that he didn't write it sooner! -- Bob Scott, Ph.D.

I want to express my utmost gratitude to you. I've benefitted a lot from reading your book. With zero sales background, I've closed a deal on my first corporate appointment on the spot. The prospect was so excited and happy with my offer, they went to the ATM immediately and gave me $8,100 cash! -- Lai May Leng

Best book I have ever read. Transformed my results and would you believe it, I now managed to put a deposit down on a condo. Truly inspirational, very effective, practical, and awesome. Don't miss the workshop with the book, it will save your life. -- Sherifah Alsagoff

Marco is the #1 Bestselling Author of Close the Deal & Suddenly Grow Rich," an Award Winning Entrepreneur & Winner of the I-Property People's Choice Best Real Estate Investment Company 2015. He has made countless National Radio and TV appearances and has spoken at the prestigious Napoleon Hill International Conference, the Ogilvy DO Debates, Bloomberg, Forbes and many more.

He is also the founder of the NAKED Group of Companies including the Award Winning Naked Restaurant & Bar (WINNING TATLER'S BEST RESTAURANTS 2015), & NAKED Beauty Bars, a retail Beauty Salon chain & 4th BASE Cosmetics, a NEW all Natural Make-up Product Range. He has built several Multi-million Dollar companies from scratch such as the Wealth Revolution Group, Create Demand Incentive Programs, The Rich List, Naked Restaurants, and has raised over $ 30 Million through a Brand New Award Winning Property Crowdfund called FREEDOM. He develops & invests in Below Market Value Properties with his Property Partner Simon Paul and shares the profits with his Investors.

He personally owns over 200 properties and is now a Property Developer in his own right making him a Self-Made Millionaire many times over.

He is a World Authority Speaker on Investing, Entrepreneurship & Financial Freedom, and he has his own FOUNDATION serving Underprivileged Children and Female Single Parents, his one dream to give back after his own difficult childhood. He speaks worldwide to hundreds and thousands of people.

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"The Financial Freedom Guarantee" with THE Award Winning Plan, so you NEVER HAVE TO WORK AGAIN, you NEVER have to struggle with the bills & you can always do what you LOVE to do and get paid for it!

Are you tired of working for a living?

Are you fed up of only JUST being able to pay your bills?

Are you sick of thinking about work every single day?

Are you going crazy thinking someone will take your Job?

Millions are in the same boat as you!

Now for the first ever, THE Award Winning 10 step Property Buying System to replace your Salary with Passive Income, Fire Your Boss & Retire Tomorrow is HERE!

Never before is having a Job so precarious.

There is no such thing as a job for life anymore. People are getting outsourced, paid less, told to work longer hours and are being replaced with Robots and imminently Artificial Intelligence.

"The Financial Freedom Guarantee" is for people that really want to start doing what they LOVE to do instead of doing what they have to do to pay the bills.

"The Financial Freedom Guarantee" teaches you how to create enough Passive Income from Four Award Winning Property Investment Tools that create enough Positive Cash-flow to replace your Living Expenses. Meaning you never have to rely on a Salary ever again. And thousands of readers are doing it within 90 days!

Never before has a body of work been so relevant and timely in a world full of debt and servitude.

Even in the last 9 months, although it sounds staggering to believe, Marco has purchased 96 properties, using other people's money & created millions of dollars in profits. . .more importantly he has helped thousands of his students do the same.

From the #1 Bestselling Author who WON the People's Choice Best Real Estate Investor for 2015.

The Award Winning Retirement Plan that has already helped thousands of people quit their jobs FOREVER!

Échantillon de lecture
The Financial Freedom Guarantee Sneak Preview

Before 2008, this property cost more than $220,000. It has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 19,000 square feet of land, all freehold. It's fully renovated, with a new roof, new kitchen, new floors, new wiring, new bathroom---new everything. It's also in a beautiful suburb of an award-winning city, which is home to many Fortune 500 companies and has a growing population.

This property in 2012 cost me $65,000. I spent $20,000 renovating and attracted a great tenant within eight weeks. This property now generates these returns:

Net rental per month (after management fee, insurance and all costs including property tax) = $1,150 (16.23% net yield annually)

Mortgage of $85,000 at 1.2% interest rate = $300 per month

Net cashflow = $850 per month!

Plus, a capital gain in the past six months = 29.31% (more than $25,000 of equity and value added)

This deal was closed with absolutely no money down! That means I did not use any of my own money at all.

The question is why are you not doing this? Because you don't know how and you are programmed not to. Don't let fear of failure hold you back. I do this all the time, as this is part of my blueprint.

Here's what you really need to think about now! If your net salary is $2,000 per month after taxes, how many properties just like this would you have to buy in order to replace your salary? Answer: You would have to buy two and a half properties!

You would have to borrow $255,000, unless of course you have $255,000 floating around in your bank account. (Blueprint says: don't ever keep that amount of money in a bank account; you could lose ityes, even when it's kept safely in a bank).

If you invested all that cash you would clear more than $3,000 net every single month. That's still a 16.23 percent return on your cash---cash on cash! If you instead deposited that cash in a savings account, your returns would range from 0.3 percent to (in a fixed deposit account) about 3 percent. So the choice is:

16% ($3,450 per month)


3% ($100 per month)

Which would you prefer? It shouldn't be a tough choice to make. You cannot live on $100 per month, so you would have to dip into your hard earned savings. Eventually you would spend all of it. How long is it going to take you to save $255,000 with your current salary? It might take forever and you would have to keep on working without freedom. But you can live on $3,450 a month and have an asset that is growing in value to protect your income.

Follow the blueprint and it will guide you to complete financial freedom. Without it, you will face virtual incarceration and slavery for the rest of your life!

You see, so called financial advisers (who, by the way, are not financially free) will make things so complicated, advising you to invest in some kind of managed fund that they will take care of for you because you don't need the headache, they will say. But it's more to do with their earning a commission off of you than concern for your well-being.

Unwittingly, you will have caused, and be solely responsible for, the biggest headache of your life. You'll have just engineered your financial downfall in the space of ten minutes by signing a piece of paper that is supposed to guarantee your financial future.

Why property?

Or the more important question: why buy property right now when everyone else is renting? The reason people rent is because they are afraid of making a commitment, losing their job, and having to move to another city to find work---which is happening more now than at any other time.

The reason I am buying now is because most people are not buying now. There is less demand for houses to own, which means the prices are at an all-time low and I can grab bargain-of-the-century deals every single day. And I can secure rental income because it is so easy to find a tenant with everyone renting! Rental demand is ridiculous and driving up the cost of renting. It is simple economics: supply and demand.

I am I an economics graduate. And besides, how many economics graduates do you think are financially free? How many do you think are as wealthy as I am? Well, I can tell you, not many. Those guys are still working while I am living!

I gleaned my knowledge of property the street way and, most importantly, by following, subscribing to, and spending time with people who are very successful in property investment.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do not advocate property as the only investment vehicle, or as the be all and end all. Gold, for example, has done staggeringly well in the past ten years. Although it has dropped a lot recently, I predict it will come back very strong because, again, it comes down to supply and demand.

However, I like property because everybody needs somewhere to live and is prepared to pay a premium, especially if the place is well developed, has the potential for growth, and can supply a person's lifestyle needs. Yes, property is very exciting especially now, when you can buy it at below-market prices!

But before you even think about investing in property, let me offer up my blueprint's Four Ultimate Fundamentals of Property Investing:

1. You must invest at the beginning of cycles.

2. You must invest in areas where the right income-level segment of the population is growingpeople who can afford the rent you need.

3. You must invest in an area where the development plan caters to the demands of the income-level segment you need to attract.

4. You must invest in an area where the economic factors are favorableespecially for entrepreneurial investment, which leads to business opportunities and job creation.

Most people are not applying these Four Ultimate Fundamentals of Property Investing, and that's why they have to keep working. It is what people are not doing that is keeping them trapped.

I am doing what other people are not because I know things other people do not know. I know the exact blueprint. I know exactly what move to make next, once the market conditions are right. I execute where other people delay. And in that execution I serve so many aces, I just keep winning and winning. And the thousands of other people who are using my blueprint are also winning every time and wondering why they didn't do it sooner!

Everybody else still working is wondering what the hell will happen next, consulting fortune-tellers and watching TV to escape the rat race of their lives. I am watching the life that I created---that's my channel---and I don't ever plan on taking my eyes off it, because it's exciting. I am living every moment with a purpose and without fear.

No-money-down seller-financing deal

10-Step Blueprint

Chapter 1: Do Not Listen to Unqualified Financial Advice

Chapter 2: Reprogram Your Default Operating System

Chapter 3: Get a Revolutionary, Effective Financial Education

Chapter 4: Have Compelling Life Goals

Chapter 5: Master Precise Money Allocation (PMA)

Chapter 6: Borrow

Chapter 7: Master Precise Research Analysis (PRA)

Chapter 8: Do the Numbers

Chapter 9: Manage Your Investments Wisely

Chapter 10: Calculate and Minimize Your Risk

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