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Catholic Churchmen In Science

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Texte du rabat Text extracted from opening pages of book: atbolic in Science FIRST SERIES] SKETCHES OF THE LIVES OF CATHOLIC ECCLE... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

Text extracted from opening pages of book: atbolic in Science FIRST SERIES] SKETCHES OF THE LIVES OF CATHOLIC ECCLESIASTICS WHO WERE AMONG THE GREAT FOUNDERS IN SCIENCE JAMES J. WALSH, K. ST. G., M. D., PH. D., Lrrr. D. Dean and Professor of Medicine and of Nervous Diseases at Fordkam University School of Medicine; Professor of Physiological Psychology in the Cathedral Col lege, New York; Member ofAM. A. NY Kate Med. Sac, A A . A . S, Life Mem ofNY. Historical Society. SECOND EDITION PHILADELPHIA American tStdegiafitkal Hetoto MCMX. COPYRIGHT. 1906, 1910 American Bcclestastical IReview Bolpbtn sorroto's croton of orattau THIS BOOK IS AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF MY MOTHER PREFACE. T HE following sketches of the lives of clergymen * who were great scientists have appeared at various times during the past five years in Catholic magazines. They were written because the materials for them had gradually accumulated during the preparation of vari ous courses of lectures, and it seemed advisable to put them in order in such a way that they might be helpful to others working along similar lines. They all range themselves naturally around the central idea that the submission of the human reason to Christian belief, and of the mind and heart to the authority of the Church, is quite compatible with original thinking of the highest order, and with that absolute freedom of investigation into physical science, which has only too often been said to be quite impossible to churchmen. For this reason friends have suggested that they should be published together in a form in which they would be more easy of consultation than when scattered in dif ferent periodicals. It was urged, too, thatthey would thus also be more effective for the cause which they uphold. This friendly suggestion has been yielded to, whether justifiably or not the reader must decide for himself. There is so great a flood of books, good, bad, and indifferent, ascribing their existence to the advice of well-meaning friends, that we poor authors are evi dently not in a position to judge for ourselves of the merit of our works or of the possible interest they may arouse. ( vii) Vlll PREFACE I have to thank the editors of the American Catholic Quarterly Review, of the Ave Maria, and of The Ecclesiastical Rewew and The Dolphin, for their kind permission to republish the articles which appeared originally in their pages All of them, though sub stantially remaining the same, have been revised, modi fied m a number of particulars, and added to very considerably in most cases The call for a second edition the third thousand of this little book is gratifying. Its sale encouraged the preparation of a Second Series of CATHOLIC CHURCHMEN IN SCIENCE, and now the continued de mand suggests a Third Series, which will be issued during the year Some minor corrections have been made in this edition, but the book is substantially the same CONTENTS. PAGE PREFACE ix I. THE SUPPOSED OPPOSITION OF SCIENCE AND RELIGION 3 II. COPERNICUS AND His TIMES 15 III. BASEL VALENTINE. FOUNDER OF MODERN CHEMISTRY 45 IV. LINACRE: SCHOLAR, PHYSICIAN, PRIEST. . . 79 V. FATHER KIRCHER, SJ. SCIENTIST, ORIENTALIST, AND COLLECTOR in VI. BISHOP STENSEN: ANATOMIST AND FATHER OF GEOLOGY 137 VII. ABBE HAUY: FATHER OF CRYSTALLOG RAPHY 169 VIII ABBOT MENDEL: A NEW OUTLOOK IN HEREDITY 195 ( ix) I. THE SUPPOSED OPPOSITION OF SCIENCE AND RELIGION.

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Titre: Catholic Churchmen In Science
Code EAN: 9781406757347
ISBN: 1406757349
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Walsh Press
nombre de pages: 252
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Année: 2007