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City Walls

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Wall-building traditions throughout the world illustrate universal themes of power and defence within local contexts.The essays pr... Lire la suite
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Wall-building traditions throughout the world illustrate universal themes of power and defence within local contexts.

The essays presented in this volume, first published in 2000, describe a phenomenon so widespread in human time and space that its importance is easily overlooked. This book explores how wall-building traditions throughout the world illustrate universal themes of defensive strategy and the symbolism of power, each time in a distinctive local context.


1. Contained communities in tropical Africa Graham Connah; 2. Palisaded settlements in prehistoric Eastern North America George R. Milner; 3. To wall or not to wall: evidence from Medieval Germany James D. Tracy; 4. Medieval walled space: urban development vs. defense Kathryn L. Reyerson; 5. A world without walls: city and town in Colonial Spanish America Richard L. Kagan; 6. The fortifications of Epaminondas and the rise of the monumental Greek city Frederick A. Cooper; 7. Imperial walled cities in the West and their Early Medieval Nachleben Bernard S. Bachrach; 8. Delhi walled: changing boundaries Catherine B. Asher; 9. Walled cities in Islamic North Africa and Egypt (with particular reference to the Fatamids, 909-1171) Jonathan Bloom; 10. Ottoman military architecture in the early gunpowder era: a reassessment Simon Pepper; 11. Walled towns during the French wars of religion, 1560-1630 Michael Wolfe; 12. Portuguese urban fortifications in Morocco: borrowing, adaptation, and innovation along a military frontier Martin M. Elbl; 13. The artillery fortress as an engine of European overseas expansion, 1480-1750 Geoffrey Parker; 14. Representations of Chinese walled cities in the pictorial and graphic arts Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt; 15. The hierarchy of Ming city walls Edward L. Farmer; 16. Decoration of city walls in Medieval Islam: the epigraphic message Sheila S. Blair; 17. Medieval French representations of city and other walls Wolfgang G. van Emden; 18. Siege law, siege ritual, and the symbolism of city walls in Renaissance Europe Simon Pepper; 19. Representations of the city in siege views of the seventeenth century: the war of military images and their production Martha Pollak.

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Titre: City Walls
Sous-titre: The Urban Enceinte in Global Perspective
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ISBN: 978-0-521-65221-6
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