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Handbook on Crime and Deviance

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         Marvin Krohn is the Associate Dean of the School of Criminal Justice at the State University of ... Lire la suite
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Marvin Krohn is the Associate Dean of the School of Criminal Justice at the State University of New York at Albany.  He was previously on the Executive Council of the American Society of Criminology and was an associate editor for Criminology.  Alan Lizotte is a Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at SUNY Albany and the Executive Directro of the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center also at SUNY Albany      

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This handbook provides a comprehensive treatment of the field of criminology at the turn of the 21st century. It is designed to review the important recent developments in the sociology of crime and deviance, including:

  • History of the Discipline: with an emphasis on the 17th, 18th, and 19th century, this section illustrates how historical theories in the discipline affect modern-day research and practice.
  • Methodological Issues in Crime Research: including cutting-edge techniques, written by those who currently use them. This section covers qualitative and quantitative, longitudinal and cross-sectional methods. It also features mapping, trajectories, HLM, latent growth models, NIBRS.
  • Explanations of Crime: including biological/genetic, psychological, social structure, and social process explanations.
  • Theory-Based Practice: with a focus on prevention and cessation of crime, particularly early-childhood development, situational prevention, and disistence techniques.
  • Special Topics: this section includes chapters on crime-related issues such as gangs, guns, peer pressure, drug use, child abuse/domestic violence, school crime, and hate crime, and criminal-justice related issues including capital punishment, restorative justice, community policing, and race and gender in criminal processing.

With its interdisciplinary coverage of both historical research and cutting-edge method and theory, this volume will be essential for anyone doing research in Criminology, Criminal Justice, or Sociology.

This handbook on important recent developments in the sociology of crime and deviance is divided into five major sections: History of the Discipline; Methodological Issues in Crime Research; Explanations of Crime; Theory-Based Practice; Special Topics.

Methodological Issues in Crime Research Introduction.- Contributions of Cross-National Research to Criminology at the Beginning of the 21st Century.- Studying the Crime Problem with NIBRS Data: Current Uses and Future Trends.- Longitudinal Data and Their Uses.- Group-Based Modeling: An Overview.- Explanations of Crime Introduction.- Biosocial Criminology.- The Social Learning Theory of Crime and Deviance.- Self-Referent Processes and the Explanation of Deviant Behavior.- Self-Control Theory: Research Issues.- General Strain Theory.- Labeling Theory.- Institutional Anomie Theory: A Macro-sociological Explanation of Crime.- Social Disorganization Theory: Then, Now, and in the Future.- Criminal Justice Related Issues Introduction.- Deterrence and Decision Making: Research Questions and Theoretical Refinements.- Situational Crime Prevention: Theoretical Background and Current Practice.- Desistance from Crime.- The Flow and Ebb of American Capital Punishment.- The Joint Effects of Offender Race/Ethnicity and Sexon Sentencing Outcomes.- Knowledge to Practice or Knowledge of Practice? A Comparison of Two Approaches to Bringing Science to Service.- Special Topics in Crime and Deviance Introduction.- Peers and Delinquency.- The Many Ways of Knowing: Multi-Method, Comparative Research to Enhance Our Understanding of and Responses to Youth Street Gangs.- Developmental Sequences and Comorbidity of Substance Use and Violence.- Caught in a Crossfire: Legal and Illegal Gun Ownership in America.- Family Violence and Delinquency.- Hate Crimes: Perspectives on Offending and the Law.- Cybercrime.

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