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Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology

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This widely respected and frequently consulted reference work provides a wealth of information and guidance on industrial chemistr... Lire la suite
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This widely respected and frequently consulted reference work provides a wealth of information and guidance on industrial chemistry and biotechnology. Industries covered span the spectrum from salt and soda ash to advanced dyes chemistry, the nuclear industry, the rapidly evolving biotechnology industry, and, most recently, electrochemical energy storage devices and fuel cell science and technology.
Other topics of surpassing interest to the world at large are covered in chapters on fertilizers and food production, pesticide manufacture and use, and the principles of sustainable chemical practice, referred to as green chemistry.
Finally, considerable space and attention in the Handbook are devoted to the subjects of safety and emergency preparedness.
It is worth noting that virtually all of the chapters are written by individuals who are embedded in the industries whereof they write so knowledgeably.

Provides an integrated view of manufacturing areas with other topics essential in the new era

Details data on the chemistry, engineering, economics, and infrastructure of the industry

Covers materials valuable to a spectrum of individuals, from those who are directly involved in the chemical industry to others in related industries and activities

Provides new data on nanotechnology, energy technology, and industrial production of enzymes and therapeutic proteins

Approximately 25% of the material in this edition is new

This edition contains new chapters on: (1) Industrial Chemistry: What it is and it's Role in the World Economy, (2) Process Control in the Chemical Industry, (3) Energy Usage and Conservation in the Chemical Industry, and (4) Equipment for Chemical Processing Operations


James A. Kent has extensive experience as a chemical engineer and engineering educator. He most recently served as Chrysler Professor and Dean of Engineering and Science at the University of Detroit Mercy and, prior to that, he was Professor and Dean of Engineering at Michigan Technological University, and Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at West Virginia University. Dr. Kent's industry experience included assignments as Research Engineer and Research Group Leader at Dow Chemical Company and Monsanto.

Scott D. Barnicki is a chemical engineer at Eastman Chemical Company in Kingston, TN where he has spent his entire career since earning his doctorate.

Tilak V. Bommaraju has a PhD in Chemistry, and several years of industrial experience with emphasis on chlor-alkali and sodium chlorate operations, Ni, Cu and Mn electrowinning processes, and corrosion prevention. He worked at the Central Electrochemical Research Institute, India, from 1957 -1967, and then as a postdoctoral fellow at the State University of New York at Buffalo and the University of Ottawa from 1967- 1970. He joined International Nickel Company of Canada in 1970, and moved to Occidental Chemical Corporation in 1973. He founded Process Technology Optimization, Inc, in 2001, and is the co-author of Handbook of Chor-Alkali Technology with Thomas F.O'Brien and Prof. Fumio Hine.

Industrial Chemistry: What it is and its Role in the World Economy.- Petroleum and its Products.- Coal Technology for Power, Liquid Fuels and Chemicals.- Natural Gas.- Wood and Wood Products.- Biomass Conversion.- Chemistry of Synthetic Organic Chemicals.- Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry.- Dye Application, Manufacture of Dye Intermediates and Dyes.- Chemistry of Structural Adhesives: Epoxy, Urethane and Acrylic Adhesives.- The Agrochemical Industry.- Fertilizers and Food Production.- Pigments, Paints, Polymer Coatings, Lacquers and Inks.- Animal and Vegetable Fats, Oils and Waxes.- Sugar and Other Sweeteners.- Soap, Fatty Acids, and Synthetic Detergents.- Chemical Explosives.- The Nuclear Industry.- Synthetic Nitrogen Products.- Phosphorus and Phosphates.- Sulfur and Sulfuric Acid.- Salt, Chlor-Alkali and Related Heavy Chemicals.- Industrial Gases.- Manufactured Textile Fibers.- Synthetic Resins and Plastics.- Rubber.- Industrial Biotechnology: Discovery to Delivery.- Industrial Enzymes and Biocatalysis.- Industrial Production of Therapeutic Proteins: Cell.- Lines, Culture,Purification.- Nanotechnology: Fundamentals, Principles, Appliction.- Nanostructured Materials: Industrial Applications.- Electrochemical Energy Storage: Applications, Processes, Trends.- Safety Consideration in the Chemical Process Industry.- Managing an Emergency Preparedness Program.- Applied Statistical Methods in the Chemicals Industry.- Green Engineering.- Industrial Catalysis: A Practical Guide.- Process Control in the Chemical Industry.- Environmental Chemical Determinations.- Energy Usage and Conservation in the Chemical Industry.- Equipment for Chemical Processing Operations.-

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