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The Geology of Southwestern Uganda

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In order that the reader may properly judge the scope of the information given in this paper it is necessary to explain the manner... Lire la suite
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In order that the reader may properly judge the scope of the information given in this paper it is necessary to explain the manner in which it has been compiled and the facts which have led to its publication. It is the fruit of eighteen months' geological exploration and prospecting in the service of the Central African Exploration Company (a subsidiary of the Billiton Company), which in Co-operation with a British company acquired large concessions in southwestern Ugandaandin northwestern Karagwe. 1 Uganda, which tagether with Kenya Colony and Tanganyika Territory ) formspart of British East Africa, has an area of 244,000 square kilometres, of which 42,700 is water, including the northern part of Victoria Nyanza with an area of 67,000 This protectorate (cf. map I, drawn after the map I : I,ooo,ooo of Uganda Survey Dept. No. A 530) comprises three king doms, Buganda, Toro and Ankole, and some Crown lands divided into districts, the southwesternmost of which, Kigezi, with Kabale as its seat of European Administration, will be frequently mentioned. The first European to enter Uganda was Captain Speke, who reached Gon dokoro in I862 just as Sir Samuel Baker was preparing for his journey to the south. The names of these two explorers recall the times of arduous pioneer work in discovering the sources of the Nile, when such magnificent examples of courage and perseverance were shown and attentionwas drawn to those remote parts of Africa known to-day as British East Africa.


1. General Introduction.- 2. The Valley Floor, Creep and Flood Sheet.- 3. Valley Sides - Formation of Arenas.- 4. Concentrating Power of the Rivers.- 5. Evidences of Warping - Swamp Divide.- 1. Wishikatwa.- 2. Development of the Lower Division Outside Wishikatwa.- 3. Middle and Upper Divisions of the Karagwe-Ankolian System.- 4. A Technical Discussion of the Mapping of Arenas.- 5. Correlation.- 6. Description of the Granites - Abnormal Textures - Basic Dykes.- 1. Various Phases of Folding - Nature of Contact - Manner of Intrusion.- 1. Introducton.- 2. Injection Schists.- 3. The Formation of Magmatic Solutions.- 4. Introduction; Sequence of Deposition.- 5. Sericite Phyllites in the Vicinity of Granite.- 6. Metamorphism Along Faults - Formation of Metasomatic Veins.- 1. Introduction.- 2. General Description.- 3. Microscopical Investigations.- 4. General Introduction.- 5. Transitional Zone Of Kashozo Veins.- 6. The Vein-Filling - Buramma and Ruechimarra Deposits.- 7. Crushed Quartz.- 8. General Description.- 9. Microscopical Investigations.- D. Conclusions.

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