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Guitar for Beginners

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 182 Nombre de pages
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Texte du rabat Want to Learn How to Play a Guitar? Play Your First Song With This Easy to Learn Beginner's Guide.Would you like to... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

Want to Learn How to Play a Guitar? Play Your First Song With This Easy to Learn Beginner's Guide.
Would you like to:
· Learn an instrument you could take anywhere?
· Pursue a new hobby to show off to your friends and family?
· Master a skill that could build your confidence?
If so, this book is for you!
Do you believe that music soothes the soul?
Listening to music can bring a lot of benefits, but learning to play an instrument is even more beneficial.
It can build your confidence, provide an escape to work or other life commitments and it's also a great way to express yourself.
And regardless of whether you become a musician in the future or play it off as a hobby, mastering this skill can bring a lot of opportunities.
It's an instrument that could bring and connect people together, even if you don't speak the same language.
Bringing this out on a party or a gathering can make you the center of attention.
Unveiling this talent could even let you make new friends from people you don't expect.
Trying to court someone? Use this to strike a conversation. It brings plus points and make you look cooler.
Mastering the chords, learning a new song, and nailing a performance are some of the achievements every guitar player could get.
There's just this sense of fulfillment when you accomplish something, you're passionate about.
And with this book in your hands, you can start your own musical journey.
Here's what you'll learn from this book:
· Know the different parts of the guitar
· How to properly hold and tune your guitar
· Learn to read a guitar tablature
· Discover how to read chord charts
· Finger dexterity exercises you can do to play the guitar smoothly
· Guitar techniques such as vibrato, slides and double stops

Informations sur le produit

Titre: Guitar for Beginners
Sous-titre: Learn to Play Your First Song Today
Code EAN: 9781951791797
ISBN: 978-1-951791-79-7
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Drip Digital
Genre: Musique
nombre de pages: 182
Poids: 404g
Taille: H254mm x B203mm x T10mm
Année: 2021