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Future Intelligent Information Systems

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2010 First International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering was held in Wuhan, China, December 4-5. Future Intel... Lire la suite
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2010 First International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering was held in Wuhan, China, December 4-5. Future Intelligent Information Systems book contains eighty-five revised and extended research articles written by prominent researchers participating in the conference. Topics covered include Tools and Methods of AI, Knowledge Discovery, Information Management and knowledge sharing, intelligent e-Technology, Information systems governance, and Informatics in Control. Intelligent Information System will offer the state of art of tremendous advances in Intelligent Information System and also serve as an excellent reference work for researchers and graduate students working with/on Intelligent Information System.

Recent research on the Future of Intelligent Information Systems Revised and selected papers of 2010

First International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, held in Wuhan, China, December 4-5, 2010

Written by leading experts in the field

Design of Intelligent Supersonic Rangefinder.- A System Design Method for Gear Parameters Analyzing.- Research on Audio-Visual Asynchronous Correlation for Speaker Identification Based on DBN.- High Radix Montgomery Multipliers for Residue Arithmetic Channels on FPGAs .- Dual-Threshold CMOS Technique for Pass-Transistor Adiabatic Logic with PMOS Pull-Up Configuration.- Voltage Scaling for Adiabatic Register File Based on Complementary Pass-transistor Adiabatic Logic.- Near-Threshold Flip-Flops for Ultra Low-Power Applications.- Proposed of a GIS Cloud (GIS-C) System Architecture in Private Used.- Study on Steam Turbine Fault Diagnosis of Fish-swarm Optimized Probabilistic Neural Network Algorithm.- Robust Zero-watermark Algorithms in Hybrid Transform Domains Based on the Parity of Norm's Highest Digit.- Optimal Test Time and Power for System-on-Chip Designs Using Game Theory.- An electrochemical approach coupled with Sb microelectrode to determine the activities of carbonic anhydrase in the plant leaves.- Calculating on Permanent Magnet with Distributing Leakage Flux.- Calculating on Mechanical Character of Contact Spring System for Electromagnetic Relay.- The P System Model for Solving Deadlock.- Application of Data Integration on Microwave Detection.- Differential evolution algorithm based one dimension real valued searching for feature selection.- Research on Modeling and Experiment of Vehicle License Plate Recognition System.- Study on Architecture and Performances of Dual Track SAW Device.- Adaptive Function Projective Synchronization of the New Chaotic Systems with Uncertain Parameters.- Study on the amplitude characteristics of pitch and heave motions for a ship based on frequency scattering.- Interior Point Algorithms and Applications.- Synchronization Design in Multi-Channel DRFM Module.- Design and implementation on registry of geographic information sharing platform based on SOA.- Design of Wideband Vivaldi Antenna Array.- Quality Factors of Business Value and Service Level Measurement for SOA.- Service Chain Optimization (SCO) Scheme Based on Business Performance.- QAM: QoS-Assured Management for Interoperability and Manageability for SOA.- Application of Fuzzy Control in TIG Welding Seam Tracking.- Design of CMOS Wilkinson Power Divider Incorporating Semi-Passive inductors.- A Novel Scalable MPSoC Architecture Based on FPGA.- Analysis of Electrical Characteristics for Conductive Particle in Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Film(ACF) Assembly.- Study and Design of Transcutaneous Coupling - Power Supply Device Energy Transmission.- Invariant Zeros of Linear Singular Systems via the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem.- A Node Importance Assessment Method of Complex Networks Based on Reliability Measure.- Experimental Research on The Degradation of MOV Used in Multiplate Paralleling.- A Kind of Integrated Resource Scheduling Framework for PMP WMAN.- Security Association Management between Mobile Nodes based on IKEv2.- Analysis on the Mathematical Model of the Six-phase Induction Motor of the Electric Vehicle.- A modified visual perception-based image segmentation method.- A Home Nursing Robot System.- Analytical Model for Dynamic Spectrum Decision in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks: A Stochastic Framework.- Application of an Improved SVM Algorithm for Wind Speed Forecasting.- The Control Method of the New Sensorless BLDCM Control System.- Inspection Robot suspended on Power Transmission Lines Based on Expert System.- Influence of Transmission Channel on Propagating Primary User Signals based on Polarization Adaptation Detector.- Preparation and characterization of CuInS2 thin films by sulfurization process.- Preparation and characterization of the CuIn1-xAlx metallic precursors.- Research on welding seam tracking based on HSIC.- Design and Realization of Turbo-expander Control System.- TCO Endpoint Control System for Converter Steelmaking.- 16 times over-sampling technique based on the ADC module of Stellaris™ family of Chips.- Tandem Nonlinear Systems and Structural Controllability: An Extended Transfer Function Method.- Surface Energy Analysis for Study on Biomimetic Materials for Historic Stone Sculptures and Buildings.- 3D Localization of Moving Object by High-Speed Four-Camera Vision System.- A Refractive Index Sensor Based on Microinterferometric Backscatter.- Study on Channel Parameters of Static Induction Transistor.- Modelling and characterization of DCO using Pass Transistors.- The Research on Spatial Data Mining Module Based on Geostatistics Analysis Model for Decision Support System.- Nondestructive Examination of VC content of Intact Shatangju with Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Based on Wavelet De-noising.- Applying PD Online Measurement Technique to Assess Stator Insulation State of Hydro-generators.- Applying UHF PD on-site Monitoring to Large-size Power Transformer and Pulses Analysis.- Probe-Fed Stacked Plate Antenna with Low VSWR for Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting Applications.- An approach of error compensation on sensors based on recursive least squares algorithm.- A fitting approach of the temperature characteristic curve of sensor based on the recursive least squares algorithm.- n Optimum Design Method of High-Order Digital Differentiator.- Time-dependent Entropy for Studying Time-Varying Visual ERP Series.- Experimental Study on Anti-rust Oil Atomization in the Electrostatic Oiler.- Study on Magnesium Alloy Auto Body Based on Front Impact.- Overlay Routing Middleware for Multimedia Communications.- Whisper Communication: Power Control Based Distributed Transmit Beamforming.- A High-Accuracy Current Sensing Circuit with Clamping Current Compensation for Current-Mode DC-DC Buck Converter.- Digital Controlled Frequency Modulation Microwave Signal for CPT Atomic Clock.- Application of ground electric field information in lightning forecast.- Research on shielding failure rate for transmission lines considering working voltage.- Research on Printing Video Shot Boundary Detection.- Optical Flow Detection Algorithm and Application Based on Accelerated Function.- A 'Frequency Blind' Method for Symbol Rate Estimation.- Determination of Fuse Characteristic for a Larger Coordinated Area between Fuse and Recloser Due To Distributed Generation.- The IIC Bus Configuration of the Video Decoder Chip TVP5154 Based on FPGA.- Performance Analysis of Continuous-Time Non-Persistent CSMA with Monitoring in Internet of Things.- Application of WSN of Continuous-Time Polling System with Vacations and Using M-Gated Services.- A PSO-Based Algorithm for Gateway Placement in Wireless Mesh Networks.- An Accurate Voltage Measurement System Based on DSP and Optical Fiber Transmission.- Study on Coating Properties Measurement System Based on FEF Sensor.

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Titre: Future Intelligent Information Systems
EAN: 9783642197055
ISBN: 3642197051
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Généralités et lexiques
Nombre de pages: 688
Poids: 1311g
Taille: H241mm x B160mm x T46mm
Année: 2011
Sous-titre : Englisch
Edition: 2011

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